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  • Better Extracurricular

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    To get into a good law school, you'll need to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other applicants.

    Top grades and an excellent LSAT score are two things that will do this. Your extracurricular commitments are another.

    An overwhelming majority of law schools single out community involvement as an influential factor in their admissions decisions. Law schools want to admit applicants who show a long–standing commitment to something other than their own advancement. Community service provides applicants with a way to demonstrate leadership, involvement, and commitment–all qualities desired by admissions committees.

    Another well–regarded activity is speech and debate. If you're thinking of practicing litigation, it's a good idea to get involved with an organization that that encourages public speaking and the formulation of an argument. Hands–on training in debate teaches you to speak coherently and, more importantly, to organize your thoughts under pressure. You learn to approach things logically and defend your theories.

    Remember that your undergraduate GPA and LSAT score remain the most important factors in law school admission. Don't take on more involvement than you can handle. Your extracurricular record may be what lifts you above other applicants with similar academic achievements, but it will rarely lift you above other applicants with better academic records.