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Featured Tutors

Our tutors are handpicked from our most highly rated and experienced teachers. The experience they have built from teaching countless students across all levels and learning styles make them uniquely qualified to help you reach your highest score potential. Many of these tutors also train our new teachers in The Princeton Review’s signature test taking strategies and teaching methods, meaning they are so good that they not only teach students, they teach the teachers. In addition, a select few of our Tutors write The Princeton Review’s course and study materials. Our tutors literally wrote the book on test prep!

Private Tutoring is a customized and unique experience for every Princeton Review family. Our goal is to create a plan for each student and their unique needs. We can help you figure out where you need to focus, or we can jump directly to the areas you know need support. Not surprisingly, our tutoring packages produce the highest score improvements and satisfaction ratings from our families. Our targeted 1:1 tutoring is proven to get results. Our tutoring package options are detailed below.