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  • Sinking Your Teeth into the DAT

    If you're set on going to dental school, you'll have to conquer the DAT first. Here's a brief overview of the test.

  • More about the DAT Test:
    Survey of Natural Sciences

    • Biology (40 questions): genetics, molecular biology, function of systems and other topics
    • Organic Chemistry (30 questions): chemical and physical properties of molecules, aromatics and bonding, nomenclature and other topics
    • General Chemistry (30 questions): liquids, solids, solutions and other topics
    Perceptual Ability

    • 90 questions
    • Topics include apertures, orthographic projections, angle discrimination, paper folding, cube counting and 3D form development

    Reading Comprehension

    • 50 questions, 3 reading passages
    • Tests reading comprehension and ability to analyze scientific passages

    Quantitative Reasoning

    • 40 questions on mathematical problems and problem solving
    • Tests ability to use and apply algebraic concepts, numerical calculations, conversions and other topics