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    The most comprehensive treatment for the MCAT.

    Dissecting the MCAT requires the expertise of a specialist. Only The Princeton Review gives you a team of 3 to 5 subject-matter experts who will provide the comprehensive instruction you need to excel on each section of the test.

    You'll also benefit from extensive in-class practice and access to amplifire, an exclusive learning technology designed to help you retain more, learn faster and reach a deeper level of MCAT mastery.

    Course features:

    • The most comprehensive prep experience
    • 260+ hours of prep covering all content and test-taking strategies, including:
      • 105 hours of live instruction with 22 hours of verbal coaching—the most in the industry
      • 20 hours of extra help with your instructors
      • 135+ hours of online resources with questions, answers and explanations
    • 3 to 5 trained subject-matter experts
    • 19 full-length practice, tests including all 8 AAMC tests
    • 15 diagnostic exams: 10 proprietary and 5 AAMC diagnostics
    • amplifire, a revolutionary study tool designed to help you retain more and learn faster
    • Access to our new mobile app, MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire
    • 4,300+ pages of up-to-date study materials
    • 15 month worry-free guarantee

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    Access to online content available through January 31, 2015.

    Learn face-to-face with a team of Princeton Review experts in a classroom setting.

    Structured prep
    You'll review all the content and work on your test-taking skills led by 3 to 5 subject-matter specialists who will keep you motivated, focused and on task.

    Face-to-face interaction
    Our experts will provide feedback and illustrate challenging material with interesting and effective lessons.

    Engaging lessons
    You'll prepare alongside other students in a dynamic group with lively discussions and collaborative drills.

    We offer the most convenient schedules, dates and locations. Find a course near you.

    You'll attend scheduled class sessions led by a team of 3 to 5 Princeton Review subject-matter experts and benefit from the same instruction and curriculum offered in our traditional in-person courses.

    Convenient format
    Choose the schedule that fits your lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to join class from anywhere you happen to be. All you need is an Internet connection. Plus, you can access your course from any mobile device—laptop, tablet and smartphone.

    Lively class sessions
    Our experts will lead the lessons, engage you and assign homework. Plus, reviewing a lesson is easy with access to digital recordings of each class session.

    Interactive learning environment
    Ask questions and collaborate with classmates during drills and in-class practice sessions.

    The best instructors
    With our LiveOnline courses, the most talented Princeton Review teachers from coast-to-coast are just a click away.

    The Princeton Review's online platform
    Our state-of-the-art online classroom is powered by Blackboard Collaborate™, the leading provider of virtual learning solutions in higher education. This innovative technology features:

    • breakout rooms for individual questions
    • file sharing, screen sharing and instant chat to facilitate communication
    • a virtual whiteboard to review lessons and problems step-by-step
    • headsets equipped with microphones to allow for two-way verbal communication
    • a polling tool to engage the class and provide fast feedback

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    amplifire, a revolutionary learning application

    amplifire leverages key findings from Nobel Prize–winning brain research to produce high knowledge-retention rates to help you learn more efficiently.

    We have integrated amplifire with selected questions from your Science Workbook to help speed up your learning process, and increase your recall and mastery of General Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Organic Chemistry.

    With amplifire, answers and explanations from your Science Workbook are presented in a computer-based format just like the MCAT exam. Within each assignment, questions are followed by step-by-step explanations shown in a cycle of "test, learn, retest" that repeats until you master all the concepts in that section.

    Working through MCAT questions with amplifire will help you:

    • Study more effectively
    • Focus your attention on what you need to master
    • Reach a deeper level of MCAT knowledge
    • Increase your recall and retention of MCAT concepts
    • Boost your confidence and lessen test anxiety


    MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire

    Also, you can turn your spare time into a productive study session by tapping into the power of amplifire from any of your mobile devices. MCAT Prep To Go is so smart, it knows what you need to work on. This powerful app gives you easy access to answers and explanations in general chemistry, biology, physics and organic chemistry, so you can make the most of your prep time—anywhere you happen to be.

  • MCAT is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), which is not affiliated with The Princeton Review. amplifire is a registered trademark of Knowledge Factor, Inc.