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  • Attending a Princeton Review event is a great way for you to see our phenomenal teachers in action. We offer these free MCAT events all around the world.

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    MCAT2015 Sneak Peek

    This free online suite gives you exclusive access to a series of short videos outlining all the proposed changes and the undergraduate courses you will need to take to prepare. Plus, you can test your knowledge of the upcoming changes with two interactive modules and take a 2-hour MCAT assessment, including questions from the new Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior section. Get your free MCAT2015 Sneak Peek now.

    The MCAT Is Changing in 2015

    Revisions to the MCAT are on the way: the test will include new content, have a new section, and be longer by 50 percent. With our MCAT expertise, The Princeton Review has the information you need to stay a step ahead. Attend one of our in-person or online free events and we’ll explain what's changing and answer all your questions. Start planning your MCAT strategy today!

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    Anantomy of the MCAT

    This free workshop series examines the MCAT. Our team of specialists will analyze the content of the MCAT, subject by subject, and teach you how to tackle each section of the exam. Feel free to attend one or all workshops.

    MCAT Free Practice Test

    Kick off your MCAT prep with a FREE practice test. Try your hand at the type of questions you'll face on the actual exam, sharpen your testing skills, and build confidence. Knowing your results will help you focus your prep on the areas of the exam where you'll gain the most points.

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    MCAT Free Paper & Pencil Practice Test

    Our free Paper & Pencil Practice Test is a great way to test your knowledge of the subjects tested on the MCAT2015. This full-length practice test doesn't look exactly like the MCAT2015 exam or follow the scoring cadence since AAMC has not yet released this information. However, it will provide you with critical insight on how well you know the material being tested.

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    Strategy Session for the MCAT

    Attend this free MCAT event to learn more about the format and content of the MCAT. You'll meet an expert Princeton Review MCAT instructor who will walk you through some questions and teach you some of our proven strategies.

    MCAT Practice Test Exam Review

    Take our free MCAT practice test. Then bring your score report to our free review class, where we will go over the exam and test strategies. You will be able to ask specific questions about your score report and about the content on the practice exam.

    MCAT and Med School Admissions Forum

    In this free seminar, we'll share our in-depth knowledge of the MCAT and demystify the medical school admissions process. At the end of the session, you'll know the MCAT and the basics of how to put together an application that will impress any admissions committee.