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  • Examining the MCAT

    If you're set on going to med school, you'll have to conquer the MCAT first. Here's a brief overview of the test.

  • MCAT
     quick facts
    frequency28 times/year
    duration4 hours, 30 minutes
    sectionsPhysical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences
    max. score45
    avg. score8 in each section

    What is the MCAT and why is it important?

    The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is required for admission to most medical schools. The MCAT is computer–based and tests physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing skills. You'll only want to take this four–and–a–half hour test once, so prepare as thoroughly as possible.

    Admissions officers use the MCAT as a predictor of your success in medical school. The exam is designed to test the skills you'll use when you get there, including basic science, verbal reasoning, and writing ability. The MCAT is a 4 ½ hour, computer–based test that has the reputation of being one of the most challenging standardized tests.

    In Canada, most schools weigh your MCAT scores very heavily. Some schools set minimum cut–off MCAT scores that applicants must meet in order to be considered.

    What specifically does the MCAT test?

    The MCAT is computer–based and tests physical and biological sciences and verbal reasoning skills. See more information about each section.

    How is the MCAT scored?

    The Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences sections on the MCAT are scored between a 1 and a 15. (1 is the lowest score and 15 is the highest score). In total, the lowest MCAT score you can receive is a 3, and the highest MCAT score is a 45. Most competitive medical schools look for a combined MCAT score of at least 30.

    The Trial Section

    AAMC is asking test takers to complete one additional 45 minute section. This trial section totals 32 questions and will help guide the AAMC creation of the 2015 test. Test-takers who participate in the trial section will receive a $30 Amazon gift card and additional feedback on the section.

    How do I know if my score is good enough to get me into my dream school?

    Good question. Check out the Can I Get In function in our School Search.

    How do I register?

    MCAT registration is done online through the Association of American Medical Colleges. We recommend that you register early to secure your MCAT test date and location.

    How can I prepare?

    We can help. We have prep solutions for every student and every budget.