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  • MCAT Summer Immersion

    Austin, TX, July 6–Aug 20, 2015

    Tuition: $9,499 (room and board available for an additional cost)

    Room and board:

    • $3,500 for a single room with bathroom
    • $2,500 for a double room with a roommate and one bathroom

    To enroll, use the link below, or call 800-2Review.

    Enroll now

    Austin, Texas, is unlike any other city, an exciting blend of active nightlife, government leadership and an unparalleled music scene. Visitors enjoy the duality of city living and scenic countryside. As MCAT2015 Summer Immersion students, Austin will provide the most exciting environment you'll have no time to see.

    What? Never See! Yes that's right, because for 5 weeks you will be immersed in the most intensive MCAT preparation available.

    The Princeton Review of Austin services more MCAT students per year than any other single location in the United States and is home to many of our best instructors, including many of our teacher trainers and content developers.

    Seven weeks of MCAT2015 Summer Immersion prep

    • Program dates for 2015 are July 6–August 20.
    • Class will be held each day from 8:00am–10:00pm with breaks for lunch and dinner.
    • MCAT2015 Summer Immersion, Austin consists of over 100 interactive lectures followed up by office hours, which focus on group work and reinforce recent core lessons. In addition, students will have time for teacher-supervised study halls and independent study. The life of an MCAT2015 Summer Immersion student will include:
      • Science Content Lectures (Biology, Physics, G-Chem, O-Chem)
      • CARS prep sessions
      • Personal Statement Workshop
      • Passage-Based Strategy & Skill Sessions
      • 5 Proctored Full-Length Practice Tests (6 total online) and 5 Test Review Sessions
      • An orientation dinner to meet your teachers and fellow Summer Immersion students
      • General sessions regarding medical school admissions

    Sample MCAT2015 Summer Immersion Austin Schedule

    7:00–8:00am: Breakfast
    8:00–10:00am: Instructor extra help
    10:00–11:45am: Class
    11:45–1:00pm: Lunch
    1:00–2:45pm: Class
    2:45–5:00pm: Instructor extra help
    5:00–6:00pm: Dinner
    6:00–7:45pm: Class
    8:00–9:30pm: Lecture
    9:30–10:30pm: Instructor extra help

    Please note: Schedule specifics may change

    Room and Board

    Room and board is available. Accommodations and meals for students enrolled in The Princeton Review's MCAT2015 Summer Immersion program in Austin are available at Dobie Center, a privately owned resident hall conveniently located directly above The Princeton Review–Austin's office. Dobie Center, a 27-story dormitory that can house up to 930 residents, includes a two-story mall featuring a movie theatre, restaurants and specialty stores. The Center is located across the street from the University of Texas on Guadalupe and 21st, at the heart of Austin's University district.


    Dobie Center is a co-ed residence hall. If you choose a double room, The Princeton Review staff will select a roommate for you of your same gender. The rooms are air-conditioned. Bathrooms and showers are available in each room. Students will also have access to common rooms, on-site fitness center, and an outdoor pool.


    Weekly linen and housekeeping service is included. Students will also have access to laundry facilities.

    Internet Access

    Students are REQUIRED to bring their own laptop computers for testing and test review. Wireless Internet access will be available in the dorm rooms.


    Dobie will provide three meals a day with brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Meals are served buffet style and are all you can eat. The dining hall is only open during meal times. All Dobie residents are subscribed to the meal plan, as there are no cooking facilities in the residences. Mealtimes may change slightly due to a given day's activities.

    Sample meal schedule:

    • Breakfast: 7:00am–9:00am
    • Lunch: 12:45–2:00pm
    • Dinner: 5:30pm–7:00pm


    The staff of MCAT2015 Summer Immersion are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will be your main point of contact for any residency issues that may arise during your stay. Security and police/fire/ambulance (emergency: 911) are also available 24/7.

    Instructor Bios

    Kyle Peebles—Lead Instructor

    Kyle went to high school in Eagle Pass along the Texas-Mexico border. Kyle went on to attend Texas A&M, graduating with a BS in genetics and secondary education. Kyle taught high school students biology and chemistry in San Antonio before making the transition into research. He worked at Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research examining expression levels of genes in adipose tissue of pedigreed baboon population. Kyle then left research (because you can only pipette so many times) and went back to school to receive a degree in professional nursing. Yes, Kyle really is a male nurse. He is now working in both a medical and surgical ICU in San Antonio. In his free time, Kyle likes to spend time with his wife and son, travel overseas, woodwork, perform weddings (he is certified to do so), and bask in the warm south Texas sun, floating down the rivers in truck tire inner tubes.

    Kyle has been teaching for the Princeton review since 2000, focusing on MCAT Biology and General Chemistry. He has been a Biology Master trainer since 2005, training new Princeton Review Biology teachers across the country. He has been the senior Biology instructor for MCAT Summer Immersion since its inception and is a premier MCAT Biology tutor. He has taught over 1000 students and run over 30 MCAT Trainings.

    What MCAT students say about Kyle:

    "Best bio teacher I have ever had!"

    "Hilarious and really good at getting the material across. Bonus points for patience! He's great one-on-one."

    "Kyle is probably the best bio Instructor I have ever had. I am a bio major and I have learned so much by attending his Bio lectures."

    Doug McLemore—Lead Instructor

    Doug grew up in Michigan, but doesn't like the Wolverines. He attended the University of Notre Dame and ultimately earned a BS in chemistry at Central Michigan University (yes, he is a Redwings fan). While at Colorado State University, which included two years at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington, Doug decided that a PhD was not in the cards and that teaching was the better and more enjoyable choice. He then lectured and coordinated chemistry and astronomy laboratories for 10 years at a community college and major university. He started teaching both MCAT Organic and General Chemistry for The Princeton Review in 2007. Soon thereafter, he accepted an offer from Chris Manuel to move to Austin and started a new life with The Princeton Review, the MCAT Summer Immersion course and Holiday Hell. He's now certified to teach all five MCAT subjects. Doug is a Master Trainer in Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry.

    In addition, Doug was one of the first TPR teachers to teach and tutor students and train teachers through Princeton Review's LiveOnline MCAT Program. He has been integral in the evolution of Princeton Review's online classes and tutoring. For fun, he teaches and volunteers at grade schools and middle schools (yeah, we really mean that) and watches at least one movie a day (thanks to Netflix).

    What MCAT Students say about Doug:

    "This guy is so good at EVERYTHING. He was so approachable for questions and was helpful in basically all the subjects. He knows so much chemistry, it is insane."

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