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  • MCAT Summer Immersion

    Boston, MA, June 26–August 8, 2015

    Tuition: $9,499 (room and board available for an additional cost)

    Room and board: $4,200

    To enroll, use the link below, or call 877-877-6687.

    Enroll now

    Boston is a city full of culture, charm and, most importantly, education! With lively downtown hotspots, fabulous bars and restaurants, countless historic landmarks and major universities at every corner, Boston offers diverse attractions that could entertain you all summer long. Of course, as an MCAT2015 Summer Immersion student, you just won't have time for all that this city has to offer.

    For six weeks, you'll be immersed in the most intensive MCAT2015 preparation available. That's right! In just 6 weeks, some of the best MCAT2015 instructors in the country will provide up to 370 hours of custom-designed MCAT2015 instruction. And where is a better place to spend your time than in the higher education hub of the country?

    Six weeks of MCAT2015 Summer Immersion

    • Classes are held by our renowned instructors from 8am to 10pm, with breaks for lunch and dinner.
    • MCAT2015 Summer Immersion Boston consists of over 100 interactive lectures followed by office hours, which focus on group-work and reinforce recent core lessons. In addition, students get teacher-supervised study halls and independent study.

    Course Features

    • Science content lectures (biology, physics, G-chem, O-chem) with Boston's finest instructors, who are experts in their field of study
    • CARS prep sessions
    • Access to amplifire, our revolutionary new technology that leverages key findings from Nobel Prize–winning brain research to produce extraordinarily high knowledge-retention rates so you can learn more efficiently. Click here to learn more.
    • 5 proctored full-length practice tests (6 total online) and 5 test review sessions
    • Individual attention, teacher-supervised study halls and independent study


    Attend admissions workshops with the nation's premier medical school admissions consulting firm, MedSchoolCoach and its founder, Dr. Sahil Mehta. MedSchoolCoach advisors are actual physicians who have been on admission committees and will help you master the entire application process—including essay editing and interview preparation. As part of the Summer Immersion course, you will have access to MedSchoolCoach's advisors throughout several workshops where the ins and outs of medical school applications will be explained.

    Extra Perks

    • An orientation dinner where you can meet Princeton Review staff, instructors and fellow Summer Immersion students
    • A cruise on Boston Harbor's Codzilla high-speed thrill boat ride
    • A beach day to Cape Cod

    Sample MCAT2015 Summer Immersion Boston Schedule:

    7:00-9:00am: Breakfast
    8:00-9:30am: Scheduled Office Hours
    9:30-11:00am: Lecture
    11:00-11:15am: Break
    11:15-12:45pm: Lecture
    12:45-2:00pm: Lunch
    2:00-3:30pm: Lecture
    3:30-4:00pm: Break
    4:00-5:30pm: Lecture
    5:30-7:00pm: Dinner
    7:00-8:30pm: Lecture
    8:30-10:00pm: Study Hall/Office Hours

    Please note: Schedule specifics are subject to change.

    Room and Board

    Room and board are available for an additional cost. Accommodations for students enrolled in The Princeton Review's MCAT2015 Summer Immersion Program in Boston are available on campus at Boston University.

    Each student will get a single bed within the furnished, suite-style and air-conditioned apartment residences that include a kitchenette, common living area and semi-private bathrooms. You'll have access to a campus dining hall for all of your meals.


    Students enjoy fee-per-load laundry facilities located in the assigned housing facility.

    Internet Access

    Students are REQUIRED to bring their own laptop computers for testing, test review and homework. Wireless Internet access will be available in the dorm rooms and classrooms.


    The staff of MCAT2015 Summer Immersion is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They'll be your main point of contact for any residency issues that may arise during your stay. Security and police/fire/ambulance (emergency: 911) are also available 24/7.


    Only the most successful MCAT Instructors—those who deliver the greatest score improvements and receive the best reviews—are called on to lead our MCAT Summer Immersion programs. These are the folks who develop our courses and materials and train and certify our MCAT instructors all over the world. Your MCAT Summer Immersion team will include:

    Warren Wolf: MCAT General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Verbal
    Premier Tutor
    Master Trainer
    Certified since 1995

    Warren joined the Princeton Review in 1995 after studying geology and environmental sciences at Brown and Columbia Universities. He focuses on the MCAT with his extensive experience in teaching students at MIT, Harvard University, Boston University as well as the Tufts University and Bennington College Postbaccalaureate Premedical Programs.

    Warren is a Master Trainer of MCAT Physics and MCAT General Chemistry and trains new instructors for offices around the country. Based in New England, Warren has traveled throughout Asia and the Caribbean to teach MCAT courses and train new MCAT teachers. His specialty is Premier Tutoring, where he helps students adapt their specific strengths to the testing situation. Known for flexibility and creativity, Warren loves to achieve maximum score improvement, thereby helping students meet their academic and career goals.

    A true expert in improving standardized test scores, Warren also holds Premier Tutoring Certificates for SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, PSAT, and SAT Subject Test Instruction.

    Eddie Schiffman: MCAT Organic Chemistry
    Premier Tutor
    Master Trainer
    Certified since 2005

    Eddie Schiffman is a master at teaching organic chemistry in ways that translate to student success. One of the most highly sought-after organic chemistry tutors in Boston, Eddie has been a full-time professional organic chemistry tutor for over 10 years. Since January 2005, he has taught organic chemistry to hundreds of students through The Princeton Review. In October 2012, Eddie was named the Top Princeton Review MCAT Instructor in the Eastern Region.

    Eddie has also been a Master Trainer for the Princeton Review since 2009. He is one of an elite group of Master Trainers who travel the country training new Princeton Review instructors.

    Eddie realizes that the bottom line for the MCAT student is getting the correct answers and getting them quickly. His approach to teaching the MCAT is threefold: teaching the key principles of what is tested on the exam, teaching skills for quickly eliminating incorrect answers and teaching how to deduce the correct answer when knowledge and/or understanding is coming up short.

    Eddie has a bachelor's degree in food science and a minor in chemistry. After years of working in the food industry doing research and development, Eddie decided to pursue his true calling—teaching students organic chemistry. Understanding that organic chemistry is not typically a student favorite and can be dry, Eddie brings enthusiasm, humor and levity to the class. His reputation precedes him: it's not uncommon for students to seek out specific Princeton Review courses that Eddie is teaching.

    Julian Fekety: MCAT Physics, General Chemistry
    Premier Tutor
    Master Trainer
    Certified since 1997

    Julian Fekety has been teaching, tutoring and breathing MCAT physics and general chemistry for The Princeton Review since 1997. Originally hailing from Texas, Julian moved to the United Kingdom to attend high school and then attended the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners!), where he studied mathematics, chemistry and physics.

    After college, Julian worked as a full-time MCAT instructor, tutor, and test writer in New York. Julian has also been an MCAT master trainer for 14 years, training MCAT physics and general chemistry instructors from Austin to Boston.

    Cynthia Cowan: MCAT Verbal
    Premier Tutor
    Certified since 2005

    Since she began teaching MCAT Verbal classes in 2005, Cynthia has helped hundreds of students improve their scores and earn admission to medical schools across the country. Her students succeed because they build better reading and critical thinking skills, but also because they learn to think like the test, to accurately interpret what the test is asking and avoid common traps when selecting the most appropriate answer.

    "I believe you have to be really pragmatic about the Verbal," she says, describing her approach. "It can't just be about 'How can I think harder about this text?' It's got to be, 'What do I need to do to score points?' That's what I show people how to do. Score points." Between her no-nonsense approach and her infectious energy and enthusiasm in the classroom, students often find that, Verbal isn't that bad!

    Currently, Cynthia is pursuing her second postgraduate degree: she's earning a master's in education, special studies in education policy and reform at Harvard University.

    Cynthia has previously taught The Princeton Review's MCAT Summer Immersion course in California.

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