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  • MCAT2015 Test Prep

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    Anytime Prep for the New Test

    No test date? No problem. Our anytime prep plan lets you buy now and switch your course later.*** Pick any MCAT2015 Ultimate course and get:

    • Anytime access to all the practice tests, including 12,000+ practice questions and all available AAMC materials
    • Faster, more effective learning with amplifire™, our proprietary learning tool
    • 4 to 6 world-class instructors with specialized areas of focus
    • Money-back guarantee

    MCAT2015 Cram Pack

    Targeted prep for the April and May MCAT2015 Exams

    • Course Benefits:

      • Self-paced learning plan designed specifically for April and May test dates
      • Access to your prep 24/7 from any device
      • Unlimited instructor-led office hours
    • Course Features:

      • 257+ hours of study tools
      • 11 full-length practice tests with score analysis and explanations
      • NEW! Access to Psychology and Sociology LiveOnline Course Instruction
      • Study faster, learn more. amplifire™ is an online study tool that uses Nobel-Prize winning research to boost your retention rates.
      • Access to our MCAT Prep To Go mobile learning app for Android and Apple

    Private Tutoring

    Completely Personalized Prep

    • Course Benefits:

      • A tutor with the skills and style to best meet your needs
      • The freedom to meet when and where you want
      • A plan to help you get into your top-choice schools
    • Course Features:

      • A custom prep plan designed by an elite tutor
      • Frequent adjustments to match your progress
      • 19 full-length practice tests, including 8 AAMC tests
      • 10 proprietary tests and 5 AAMC diagnostics
      • In-person or online sessions
      • Comprehensive or pay-as-you-go packages

    MCAT2015 Ultimate Courses

    Our most comprehensive course for the MCAT2015 exam

    • Course Benefits:

      • The most comprehensive MCAT program in the industry
      • The most hours of live instruction
      • 4 to 6 trained, subject-matter experts
    • Course Features:

      • Our most comprehensive prep experience
      • 508+ hours of prep covering all content and strategies:
        • 128 hours of extra help outside of class with our instructors
        • 257+ hours of online resources, including thousands of practice questions
      • 11 full-length practice tests, diagnostic exams in advance of each class and all AAMC materials as they are released
      • amplifire, an exclusive tool leveraging state-of-the-art brain research on the biochemical process underlying memory to help you quickly learn science concepts
      • Interactive Student Dashboard that takes the guess work out of what, why and when to study
      • Money-back guarantee

    MCAT2015 Summer Immersion

    A Fully Immersive Prep Experience

    • Course Benefits:

      • Our most intensive prep course
      • Extensive personal attention and extra help every day
      • All the realistic testing practice you need
    • Course Features:

      • 481 hours of rigorous coaching, including
        • 306 hours of live science instruction
        • 66 hours of CARS prep
        • 16 hours of admissions and test-taking workshops
        • 93 hours of office hours and study hall time
        • 90 hours of testing and practice test review
      • 11 full-length tests including the officially released AAMC exam and sample problems and Official Guide
      • 257+ hours of online resources
      • amplifire, a revolutionary study tool designed to help you retain more and learn faster
      • Access to our new mobile app, MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire
      • 6,000+ pages of comprehensive up-to-date material

    MCAT2015 Self-Paced Study

    Self-Directed Prep for Independent Learners

    • Course Benefits:

      • Prep when you want
      • Access to your content and tools anywhere
      • Prep according to your unique strengths and challenges
    • Course Features:

      • A comprehensive set of practice resources featuring 257+ hours of study tools
      • 11 full-length practice tests, diagnostic exams and all AAMC materials as they are released
      • amplifire, a revolutionary study tool designed to help you retain more and learn faster
      • Access to our new mobile app, MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire
      • 6,000 pages of study materials
      • Score higher or repeat course for free

    CARS Accelerator LiveOnline

    In-Depth Verbal Reasoning Prep

    • Course Benefits:

      • Improve your reading comprehension skills
      • Learn key test-taking techniques
      • Raise your score in the Verbal Reasoning section
    • Course Features:

      • 15 hours of LiveOnline instruction
      • MCAT Student Manual and verbal practice passages
      • Courses offered for each MCAT test date


      A Complete Suite of MCAT Preparation Guides

      Study on your own with our comprehensive line of test prep books, including the best-selling title, Cracking the MCAT.

      • Features:

        • Step-by-step instructions
        • Expert tips, strategies and advice
        • Detailed answers and explanations

      *** If you don't get your ideal test date or location in February, we’ll switch your prep course so it matches your test date, up to ten days before the start of your course.