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  • MCAT Verbal Accelerator

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    Reading comprehension skills are essential to a good performance on the MCAT, even in the science sections. Give yourself an edge with our MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline course.

    Our MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline course helps you sharpen your reading comprehension skills and raise your score in the MCAT Verbal Reasoning section. This course provides test-takers with additional training in critical reading techniques. Strong critical reading skills are acquired through guided practice. Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline provides that extra practice with top-notch instruction and exclusive study materials designed to give our students an edge. Med school admission committees tend to weigh the Verbal section heavily, so it's important to get your best score.

    The skills you learn will also help you better navigate the science passages found in both the MCAT Biological and MCAT Physical Sciences sections on the MCAT.

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    Course features:

    • 15 hours of classroom instruction delivered through Blackboard Collaborate™, our state-of-the-art online classroom
    • Six 2.5 hour sessions
    • Taught by one of our premier Verbal MCAT instructors
    • Verbal Accelerator Student Manual and Reader
    • MCAT verbal practice passages exclusive to our MCAT Verbal Accelerator Course
    • Courses offered for each MCAT test date


    MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline instructors are among our strongest MCAT teachers. They'll work with you to build your reading comprehension skills and give you the confidence you need to get your highest score.

    Verbal Accelerator courses are available in select locations. Call 877-877-6687 for more information.


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