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  • MCAT Summer Immersion

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    Treat the MCAT 2015 with the most intensive care.

    This summer boot camp delivers the most intensive MCAT 2015 prep experience available*—and the unique opportunity to prepare with the very best Princeton Review instructors from across the country.

    Get 370 hours of prep with expert instructors, including

    • A team of 4-6 subject matter experts
    • 306 hours of science instruction
    • 66 hours of CARS prep

    Complete review of practice tests, including

    • Every officially released AAMC exam and 11 full-length practice tests
    • 90 hours of testing and practice test review

    Admissions coaching and application help

    • Admissions and test-taking workshops

    Click below to learn more about this summer's three great locations:

    Boston, MA: June 26–August 8, 2015

    San Diego, CA: June 26–August 8, 2015

    Austin, TX: July 6–August 20, 2015

    Orlando, FL: June 14–July 25, 2015

    Course features:

    • 571 hours of coaching led by a team of subject-matter experts including:
      • 306 hours of live science instruction
      • 66 hours of CARS prep
      • 16 hours of admissions and test-taking workshops
      • 93 hours of office hours and study hall time
      • 90 hours of testing and practice test review
    • 11 full-length tests including all officially released AAMC exams, sample problems, and Official Guide.
    • 257+ hours of additional online resources
    • Study faster, learn more. amplifire™ is an online study tool that uses Nobel-Prize winning research to boost your retention rates.
    • Access to our new mobile app, MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire
    • 6000+ pages of up-to-date study materials
    • Satisfaction guarantee

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    Access to online content begins 10 days prior to the course start and lasts 270 days.


    Our Summer Immersion Instructors

    Only our most experienced and most successful MCAT instructors are invited to lead our MCAT Summer Immersion programs. These are the same people who write The Princeton Review's MCAT test-prep books, design our courses and train other MCAT teachers.

    Meet Adrian Sanchez—MCAT Summer Immersion Biological Sciences Instructor, San Diego

    Adrian graduated from University of California, San Diego's Revelle College in 2004 and was awarded undergraduate degrees in classical studies, linguistics, animal physiology and neurology and biochemistry (with a dual emphasis in organic and inorganic chemistry). Adrian is a Premier tutor, a Certified Master Trainer for MCAT Biology, and earned his California Teacher's Credential immediately following graduation from UCSD.

    Adrian has been teaching with The Princeton Review since 2003 and taught throughout the Northeast while attending a graduate medical program in Boston. He is currently completing graduate thesis work with UCSD and the Salk Institute in medical sciences. Adrian wrote and developed the organic chemistry materials for MCAT Summer Immersion and contributed to the biology content. His MCAT score places him in the top 1% of test takers.

    Meet Jennifer Woddell—MCAT Summer Immersion Verbal Instructor, San Diego

    Jennifer graduated from Harvard University with a BA in history and literature. After attending graduate school at the University of Chicago and the University of California, San Diego, she joined The Princeton Review on a full-time basis. In addition to writing The Princeton Review's MCAT Verbal materials, Jennifer teaches MCAT Verbal and trains our Verbal instructors across the country.

    *Among national test-prep companies.


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