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Best Quality of Life
10 Schools
Durham, NC
Students Say: "Though Duke University is nationally recognized for its stellar academic programs, students say it is the intimate atmosphere and emphasis on teaching that distinguishes their law school from other to..." More>>
San Francisco, CA
Students Say: "Jesuit-affiliated University of San Francisco School of Law puts a “sincere focus on public interest work” proclaims a 2L. USF’s Public Interest Law Foundation demon­strates its support by “offering g..." More>>
Charlottesville, VA
Students Say: "Founded by Thomas Jefferson himself, the University of Virginia School of Law is one of the oldest law schools in the country, and has educated generations of lawyers and turned out hundreds of law fi..." More>>
Norman, OK
Students Say: "It is a “pleasure to attend” the University of Oklahoma College of Law, an affordable, forward-thinking, and thoroughly student-friendly institution, located on a “gorgeous” campus in Norman. While th..." More>>
Nashville, TN
Students Say: "Motivated legal eagles tend to fall in love with Vanderbilt University Law School’s “collegial, relaxed environment.” This “collegiality sets it apart from most other law schools of similar academic r..." More>>
Birmingham, AL
Students Say: "Students at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law say their school is “a little bit of a hidden gem” and “a great place to become a lawyer.” The bar-passage rate is utterly fabulous. There are..." More>>
Chicago, IL
Students Say: "Located “in the heart of Chicago,” Northwestern University School of Law has a first-rate “national reputation” for “developing practical skills” and offering “world-class” clinics that give students ..." More>>
Philadelphia, PA
Students Say: "Founded in 1850, Penn Law is one of the country’s most outstanding law schools, boasting a “stellar” academic reputation and a cross-disciplinary program nearly unri­valled by other schools. The schoo..." More>>
Orange, CA
School Says: "Chapman University School of Law offers a collaborative, rigorous, and personalized legal education. Graduates develop the skills to provide passionate, ethical and accurate service to their clients a..." More>>
Malibu, CA
Students Say: "It’s hard not to lead with the most obvious benefit of choosing Pepperdine for law school: “the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island as you enter just about make law school tolerabl..." More>>