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Best 379 Colleges

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Hamilton, NY
Students Say: "Colgate University is known for its “very rigorous academic curriculum” and “invaluable” professors who “are the glue that hold the university together.” Many students say they chose Colgate because t..." More>>
Malibu, CA
Students Say: "A small private college overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine is an “amazingly beautiful” place to get an education. With about 3,500 undergraduates and an excellent teacher/student ratio, Pepper..." More>>
Memphis, TN
Students Say: "A “beautiful” campus located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, the “tight- knit community” of Rhodes College offers “individual study in a liberal arts mold,” which involves exposing students to “as..." More>>
Sweet Briar, VA
School Says: "Sweet Briar College will close on August 25th, 2015. Find more information about the transition here...." More>>
Claremont, CA
Students Say: "Academically focused women seeking “a more personalized education” will find it at Claremont, California’s Scripps College. Small class sizes, “extremely approachable, personable” professors who are “..." More>>
Winter Park, FL
School Says: "Every aspect of a Rollins education encourages greater connections to people, ideas, and community. From the moment they arrive on campus, Rollins students integrate classroom study with practical han..." More>>
Dallas, TX
Students Say: "Located on a tree-lined, “beautiful campus” in the heart of Dallas, Southern Methodist University is a mid-size private university with a lot going on. The school has a “unique culture” that relies on..." More>>
University, MS
Students Say: "Ole Miss is a prime example of Southern hospitality combined with the oppor- tunity for greatness. Founded in 1848, the legendary university offers “‘big-time’ SEC athletics in the safe, quaint, and p..." More>>
Princeton, NJ
School Says: "Princeton combines the strengths of a major research university with the qualities of an outstanding liberal arts college. The University prepares its 5,100 undergraduates for lives of leadership and ..." More>>
Lakeland, FL
Students Say: "Though it might sound like a cliché, Florida Southern takes great pains to assure that students here “are not just a number.” As one astonished freshman excitedly reveals, “The faculty knew my name be..." More>>
San Diego, CA
Students Say: "This “academically challenging, Roman Catholic” institution couples “amazing academics” and “wonderful teachers and programs” with “great weather and a beautiful campus.” As one liberal studies major ..." More>>
Schenectady, NY
School Says: "Union College, chartered by the state of New York in 1795, is one of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished liberal arts colleges. Union is a leader in educating students to be engaged, innovative..." More>>
Wellesley, MA
Students Say: "This “rigorous” all-women’s school in Massachusetts is one of the most selective liberal arts schools in the country, boasting notable alumnae such as Madeline Albright, Nora Ephron, and Hillary Rodha..." More>>
Hanover, IN
Students Say: "Armed with a “beautiful campus [that lies] right beside the Ohio River,” Hanover College helps to ease the transition to higher education by welcoming undergrads into a “close-knit community.” Friendl..." More>>
Poughkeepsie, NY
Students Say: "Vassar College is a small “academically challenging” school that offers a “perfect liberal arts feel” and seeks to broaden students’ perspectives. The “strong sense of community” is apparent both in a..." More>>
Gambier, OH
Students Say: "This tiny midwestern liberal arts mainstay is Ohio’s oldest private college, and is filled with “uniquely quirky and motivated” students and faculty alike. The school’s “academic vigor” and intense fo..." More>>
Athens, OH
Students Say: "“Academically, OHIO has something for everyone, from astro- physics to the history of rock and roll,” students at this large state-run univer- sity boast. And students have an equ..." More>>
Decatur, GA
Students Say: "Agnes Scott College is a tiny women’s liberal arts college that is “all about creating intelligent, confident, well rounded women.” With just 900 or so students, there is a pervasively “caring and int..." More>>
Portland, OR
School Says: "On a stunning campus in one of the most exciting and progressive cities anywhere, the next generation of global thinkers gathers to discard conventional thinking, civic complacency, and outmoded preco..." More>>
University of Richmond, VA
School Says: "The University of Richmond emphasizes collaborative learning and research in a cross-disciplinary curriculum that integrates five academic schools-the School of Arts and Sciences, the E. Claiborne Rob..." More>>