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The SMU Cox School of Business is committed to transforming the world of business one person at a time. Toward that end, we bring students, professors, and business practitioners together in an engaging, close-knit environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas, rigorous scholarship, and practical application. The result is a robust educational experience that enables you to achieve your professional goals.


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Admission to the full-time MBA program is highly selective. The Admissions Committee seeks a diverse group of candidates demonstrating the following attributes:
- Significant professional and life experiences.
- Strong academic capabilities, leadership potential, and interpersonal and communication skills.
- Personal qualities such as maturity, integrity, self-confidence, and motivation.
- A strong commitment to learning and achievement.

To be considered for admission, you need to complete the online application (including submission of a professional resume and 3-4 essays and submit undergraduate transcripts, a GMAT score report and 2 professional references. As applicable, students who earned undergraduate degree outside of the US must also submit a TOEFL or PTE score report.
The full-time MBA program offers four application deadlines and encourages candidates to apply when they feel their package will best reflect their achievements and goals. Candidates who wish to be considered for scholarship consideration must complete their application packages by the Round 3 deadline. International candidates are strongly encouraged to apply by the Round 2 deadline.

For information on the admissions process for any of our other programs, please visit the program's website.

Acceptance Rate
Average Undergrad GPA
Years Work Experience
Average Age

Test Scores

GMAT (25th and 75th percentiles)
600 - 690
2.8 - 3.7


Early Application Deadline
October 15

Regular Application Deadline
January 12

Rolling Admission Deadline
June 1

Round 1
October 15

Round 2
January 12

Round 3
March 8

Round 4
May 5

Other Admission Factors


GMAT Score
Undergraduate GPA
Essay / Personal Statement

Work Experience


School Type


Selectivity Rating


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Degrees Offered

The Cox School of Business offers a variety of top-ranked graduate programs to meet your educational needs:
- Full-time MBA (including two dual degrees: JD/MBA and MA in Arts Administration/MBA)
- Professional MBA
- Executive MBA
- MS in Accounting
- MS in Management
- MS in Entrepreneurship

Academic Programs

The full-time MBA program at the Cox School of Business provides students with the opportunity to specialize in up to two areas of concentration after completion of courses in business fundamentals. Concentration and specialization opportunities include: Accounting, Finance (with specializations in Alternative Assets, Corporate Finance, Energy Finance and Investments), Financial Consulting, Information Technology & Operations Management, Management, Marketing, Real Estate and Strategy & Entrepreneurship.

Special Academic Programs

Unique benefits and features of the Cox MBA program include:
- Access to accomplished business leaders and leadership training through the Business Leadership Center and the Associate Board Executive Mentor Program.
- Exposure to and immersion in foreign economies, businesses, and cultures through the American Airlines Global Leadership Program.
- Connections to many of Dallas' most prominent executives and successful companies along with convenient access to the city's many cultural and recreational opportunities.
- Close interaction with classmates, faculty, staff, business practitioners, and executive mentors afforded by the school's small size.
- Lifelong affiliation with an internationally recognized program and an alumni network comprising of over 26,000 people worldwide.


SMU Cox has attracted a unique group of professors distinguished by their innovative research, passion for teaching, and corporate consulting experience. Cox professors do more than teach the latest business trends and topics. They influence the direction of business through cutting-edge research on such topics as the effects of terrorism on global capital markets, the collateral value of fine art, new compensation models for the health care industry, and the four-generation workplace.







Faculty Information

Total Faculty


Students Say

Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business has one of the country’s premier business programs, offering challenging academics, small classes, and excellent networking and travel opportunities for all. The professors and the administration are “fantastic in providing support in a timely fashion, answering questions over email, and being available to meet when students need them.” Modernity and applicability are valued here; classes often deal with real-life situations, so students “can tease out how we could translate [them] to our own industries,” and many members of the adjunct faculty are currently executives in industry today. The school looks to enhance learning via new technologies, such as collaboration tools and distance learning, and the optional Business Leadership Center workshops and networking opportunities outside of the classroom complement the curriculum. The introduction of new classes as a result of the changing economic environment has been a major advantage of the program; for example, “an accounting-based valuation class was offered and conducted by a professional leader who is changing the way in which people think about valuation.” In addition, professors are “very involved with keeping their course content up to date.”
The school’s dual degree options and flexibility were big draws for current students (courses are the same in the evening and daytime), who say the administration at SMU “works hard to balance the needs of Part-Time, Full-Time and Executive MBAs and overall does a fantastic job.” Students love the freedom to choose electives and concentrations over a fixed-course plan, and all students spend two weeks abroad for a global business course. “The business climate in Dallas, Texas is bustling as companies continue to relocate their headquarters to the area,” and the school has a unique mentoring program (The Associate Board) through which “students have the opportunity to select a Dallas professional as a mentor.” Most of the administrators “know each full-time MBA student personally.”

Specialities of faculty

Academic specialties of faculty


Courses in Sustainability

Sustainability course is


Research Opportunities in Sustainability


School's environmental commitment 1:
The Maguire Energy Institute encourages the study of policy, marketing and management issues related to all forms of energy, including oil, natural gas and renewable energy.

School's environmental commitment 2:
The Maguire Energy Institute conducts seminars and training programs focusing on the business, economic, and managerial aspects of the energy industry.

School's environmental commitment 3:
The Maguire Energy Institute also hosts conferences to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among educators, practitioners, media, and government officials; and provides material for students and teachers to foster a better understanding of the role of energy in the world economy.

Career overview

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The MBA Career Management Center (CMC) is committed to helping you obtain your ideal career position. CMC staff members work closely with you throughout your MBA program to help you create and implement an individualized career development plan. Students secure internships and jobs with top companies in the DFW metroplex and beyond based on their own objectives.

Average Starting Salary
Accepted employment by 3 months after graduation

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

General Management
Information Technology

Graduates Employed by Region


Students Say

The “local network is very powerful,” and connections to the Dallas business community yield plenty of internships and job opportunities, though a few students wish that the school would “expand recruitment process to be more national.” Plenty of well-positioned alumni are more than eager to “open doors for graduates.” The administration is “very willing to help each and every student regardless of class standing” and the student-led advisory board “does a great job of providing plenty of networking opportunities.” SMU has a unique tailgate called The Boulevard, which “has companies come to campus in an atmosphere where networking is a breeze.” The Cox Career Center has recently reorganized and re-staffed and “has done a tremendous job at providing access to high-income careers that aren’t posted on any other job board.” The school’s partnership with The Disney Institute is a particular favorite, where Cox students are given the chance “to learn about how the Disney Company creates and maintains culture within their large organization.” “The opportunity to meet with high level executives is unparalleled,” says a student. Some companies that have recently recruited out of SMU include Deloitte, 7-Eleven, Hilton Worldwide, Vanguard, and General Mills.

Job Function

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Finance / Accounting 33% $95,000 $94,667 $65,000 $135,000
Marketing / Sales 16% $100,000 $92,964 $50,000 $115,000
Consulting 14% $130,000 $117,333 $82,000 $135,000
Other 8% $96,000 $92,643 $70,000 $122,500
General Management 8% $86,000 $91,417 $70,000 $126,500
Operations / Logistics 4% $103,000 $101,000 $85,000 $115,000
Information Technology 1%


Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Financial Services 20% $100,000 $99,412 $70,000 $135,000
Consulting 15% $125,000 $109,100 $50,000 $135,000
Consumer Products 15% $100,000 $102,042 $90,000 $126,500
Technology 12% $90,000 $93,100 $67,000 $122,500
Other 7% $93,000 $94,000 $80,000 $110,000
Petroleum / Energy 5% $85,000 $85,750 $65,000 $108,000
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare 5% $79,000 $82,750 $70,000 $103,000
Real Estate 4% $80,000 $80,000 $75,000 $85,000
Media / Entertainment 2%

Prominent Alumni

Beth E. Mooney
Chair and CEO - KeyCorp

Thomas Horton
Chairman - American Airlines Group, Inc.

Martin L. Flanagan
President and CEO - Invesco

Robert Dudley
Group Chief Executive Officer - BP

William J. O'Neil
Founder, Chairman and CEO - Investor's Business Daily


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The full-time MBA program provides merit-based scholarship award opportunities to up to half of its students each year, with awards ranging from 10-100% of tuition and fees. Students can also seek private scholarship opportunities. US Citizens and Permanent Residents can apply for Federal and consumer-based loan opportunities.

Tuition and fees are paid at the start of each semester. As a private university, the rate of tuition/fees is the same for all students regardless of residency/nationality.


Application Deadlines
Jun 1

Financial Aid Statistics

Average Aid Package

Average Scholarship / Grant Aid Package

Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

All Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

New Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Loans

Tuition Full-Time (per year)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)
Fees (In-State)
Fees (Out-State)

Tuition Part-Time (per credit hour)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)
Fees (In-State)
Fees (Out-State)

Expenses per Academic Year

Estimated Room And Board Off-Campus
Academic Expenses

Student Body Profile

Total Enrollment
Part Time

Foreign Countries Represented



31% female
69% male

Campus Life

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At SMU Cox, you will find a small, private school environment that’s team-oriented with open communication across faculty, staff, and students. The quality of your peers is equally matched with those of other top MBA programs in the United States. We welcome candidates from a broad cross section of educational, professional, personal and geographic backgrounds to ensure the classroom and extracurricular experiences enhance the program framework through dialogue and collaboration.

Students Say

The size of the student body guarantees intimacy (most students live close to one another on this “beautiful campus”), and students “have weekly happy hours and constant club meetings” to help bolster community. “We all want each other to succeed. There’s very much a feeling of ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ here,” says a student. “I feel like I’ve gained a hundred new friends,” says another. Classmates “definitely feel like colleagues, not competition.” Plenty of social activities are available to students, including traditions such as the Cox Cup where first years compete with second years in events like flag football, tennis, basketball, trivia night, and a canned food drive. “There is no shortage of fun stuff to do. The real challenge is finding ways to do everything you want to do and still get your work done,” says a student. This group is “mostly single, but certainly a few married people [are] in the program”; all are “fun, smart, and often quite accomplished” and come from all walks of life, so “you can’t help but get interesting perspectives all the time.” While the school is historically conservative, “there is a good sized population of liberal-minded students.”

More Information

% of Classrooms with Internet Access

Campus-wide Internet Network

Internet Access for All Students

Admissions Office Contact

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Campus and Location

One of the Cox School's distinct advantages is our location in the heart of Dallas - a metropolitan city with a thriving and diverse economy; thousands of corporate headquarters; a warm-weather climate; and a high-quality, low-cost of living. Many of our enrichment programs and activities are designed to allow you to connect with the city's leading companies and learn valuable lessons from experienced business leaders.


At Cox, you have ample opportunity to enhance what you learn in the classroom through pioneering programs, innovative enrichment activities, and specialized institutes and centers of expertise all supported by state-of-the-art resources and facilities.

J.R. McGrath
Director, Full-Time MBA Admissions

P.O. Box 750333
Dallas, TX 75275
United States