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How is Entrepreneurship taught at CSUSB?

The MBA program in the College of Business and Public Administration at Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) offers one of the nation's top graduate programs in entrepreneurship! Ranked #4 in a 2006 survey of the top graduate programs in US by ...

The MBA program in the College of Business and Public Administration at Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) offers one of the nation's top graduate programs in entrepreneurship! Ranked #4 in a 2006 survey of the top graduate programs in US by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine, Cal State's entrepreneurship program has a strong applied focus that will involve you in a wide variety of experiental learning opportunities (everything from developing business plans for local entrepreneurial companies to assessing the commercial potential of emerging technologies funded by the university's technology venture fund) and actively involves the local business and entrepreneurial community to interact with students as mentors, guest lecturers, and adjunct faculty.

Overall, the graduate entrepreneurship program at CSUSB teaches entrepreneurship as a process, where you will be prepared to take your education and experience into a wide variety of venues including new venture creation, corporate environments, and nonprofit and public sector settings. The underlying lesson is that entrepreneurship is a mindset and a process, and can be utilized in a number of different and diverse settings throughout your life. In essence, CSUSB's entrepreneurship curriculum finds an appropriate balance that provides the appropriate principles and theoretical foundations but is also rich with real life examples and lessons from the years of entrepreneurial experience of the faculty, students, and local entrepreneurs.

Courses offered in the MBA in Entrepreneurship Program (major courses only - core courses for the MBA program are not listed here):


Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (MGMT 621)

Study of the entrepreneurial process from a behavioral and developmental perspective. Review of theoretical and empirical literature as a foundation for analyzing case studies of successful entrepreneurs. Focus on managerial challenges for new and growing companies with special emphasis on the entrepreneurial personality, leadership, ethics, motivation, goal setting, group dynamics, and organizational design.

Entrepreneurial Strategy (MGMT 625)

Interdisciplinary study of the policies and strategies of entrepreneurship. Integrates important technical and innovative considerations with traditional managerial theories to establish a modern scientific approach to the development of strategies and policies for entrepreneurial and innovative businesses.

Entrepreneurial Analysis and Regulatory Risk (MGMT 620)

Critical analysis of the impact of administrative law and policy on entrepreneurial decision-making and strategy. Integrates legal, political, regulatory and ethical issues encountered by entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial and Venture Finance (FIN 622)

An overview of the financial and investment of entrepreneurial firms. Focus is on financial and investment strategies available to entrepreneurial firms and the criteria for selecting the appropriate strategy.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs (MKTG 624)

An in-depth study of entrepreneurial and small business marketing strategies and techniques. Examines how start-up small businesses develop and implement innovative marketing techniques. Provides alternative insights to the conventional approaches of large businesses.

Entrepreneurial Information Management (INFO 623

) Explores the use of current personal computing technology upon entrepreneurial organizations and management. Topics will include e-commerce, web-based business strategies and computer software used by entrepreneurs.


: Entrepreneurial and Small Business Consulting (MGMT 515)

Supervised consulting assignments designed to provide meaningful business assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis (MGMT 543)

Study of the process of defining and identifying the difference between ideas and opportunities. Examines the role of the entrepreneur, ideas, pattern recognition, and the evaluation and screening process that leads to successful commercialization of business concepts and ideas.

Entrepreneurial Resource Requirements (MGMT 545)

Examines the strategies and techniques employed by entrepreneurs to identify and access critical resources. Special emphasis on marshalling internal and external resources such as advisors, board of directors, social networks and other key tangibles and intangibles.

Managing a Growing Business (MGMT 547)

Study of the basic strategy and tactics to manage growing enterprises while still maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit. Examines the role of management decision making, management control systems, short- and long-run planning, and entrepreneurship in managing growing companies.

Internship in Management (MGMT 575)

Supervised work and study in private or public organizations. Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation (MGMT 541)

Examines the process of commercializing innovations and emerging technologies in entrepreneurial driven companies. Focus on understanding the transition from basic development stages to commercial venture, examining the role of innovation assessment, intellectual property protection, technology transfer and licensing. More More

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Curriculum / Academic Overview
Academic Calendar: September to June
Degrees Offered: MBA degree 15 - 24 months (Traditional & Professional) MBA for Executives degree - 18 month International cohort MBA on-line 18 months
Concentrations: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems/Information Technology, Leadership/Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management
Online Course Catalog: http://www.cbpa.csusb.edu/mba/
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Courses in Sustainability: No
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Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Women Support Groups:No
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Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:Yes
Peer Tutoring Programs:Yes
Description:The student just needs to contact the MBA office, appropriate students are notifed,tutoring begins or contact campus tutoring services at http:///www-ugs.csusb.edu/lc/subjects.html
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