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Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business

Chicago, IL
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A university founded in the Jesuit tradition, “Loyola is a school that is focused on developing the entire individual,” and business ethics is a mainstay of the MBA program. While MBA course content resembles other graduate business programs, Loyola distinguishes itself in a number of ways. In... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

1 E. Pearson, Ste. 204

Chicago, IL 60611

United States

Phone: 312-915-6124

Fax: 312-915-7207


Curriculum / Academic Overview
Academic Calendar: Quarter
Degrees Offered: MBA, 14 to 18 courses; 1.5 years, full time; 2.5 years, part time. MS in Accountancy; 12 courses, 1 year full time; 2 years, part time. MS in Finance; 14 to 18 courses, 1.5 years full time; 2.5 years part time MS in Human Resources; 12-13 courses, 1.5 years full time; 2.5 years part time. MS in Integrated Marketing Communications; 14 to 18 courses, 1.5 year full time; 2.5 years part time. MS in Supply Chain Management; 14 to 18 courses, 1.5 years full time; 2.5 years part time. MBA in Health Care Management, 2 years, part time. MBA for Executives (EMBA); 1.5 years part time. Intercontinental MBA (IMBA) , one year, full time.
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: MBA/JD; 4 years full time; 6 years part time. MBA/MSIMC; 2 years full time; 3.5 years part time. MBA/MSSCM: 2 years full time; 3.5 years part time. MBA/MS Nursing; 3 years full time; 5 years part time. MBA/MS Pharmacology; 2.5 years full time; 5 years part time. MBA/MSHR; 2 years full time; 3.5 years part time. MBA/MSA; 2 years full time; 3.5 years part time. MBA/MSF; 2 years full time; 3.5 years part time.
Concentrations: Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems/Information Technology, International Business, JD/MBA - Dual Degree, Leadership/Management, Marketing, MS/MBA -- Dual Degree, Product Management, RN/MBA -- Dual Degree, Supply Chain Management
Study Abroad Options: There were study abroad opportunities in South Africa, China, Chile, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Greece.
Online Course Catalog: http://www.luc.edu/locus
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Student Faculty Ratio
Total Faculty
Academic specialties of facultyURL
Center for Financial and Policy Studieshttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/finpol/index.shtml
Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibilityhttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/aboutquinlan/centers/centerforsocialenterpriseandresponsibility/
Center for International Businesshttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/cib/index.shtml
Center for Risk Managementhttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/risk/index.shtml
Health Care Managementhttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/mba-healthcare-management/index.shtml
Data Warehousing & Business Intelligencehttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/mba/academics/certificates-data-warehousing/index.shtml
Family Business Centerhttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/fbc/index.shtml
Business Ethicshttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/mba/academics-certificates-be/index.shtml
Supply and Value Chain Centerhttp://www.luc.edu/quinlan/scm/index.shtml
Courses in Sustainability: Yes
Sustainability course is: Optional
Description: Many of our courses, both required and optional, contain content & examples which utilize environmental aspects. However, five particular courses with a primary focus in environmental/sustainability concerns include: 1.) MARK 467 -- Consumer Behavior (this course examines the psychological, social, and cultural factors that impacts consumers. One of the main foci is the trend of green marketing and how firms are developing products and services that are environmentally friendly, as well as how consumers respond to such goods). 2.) FINC 557 -- Enterprise Risk Management (this course views the broadest dimensions of risk both as threats to human welfare and as opportunities for enriching human life. The ethical, social, and environmental dimensions of risk management are constantly referred to, ranging from world food security, to global climate change, to the treatment of individuals within the firm). 3.) ECON 522 -- Game Theory & Strategy (Purpose is to guide students in recognizing, analyzing, and solving problems in the business world by applying game theory. An important application of the material is on the topic of the environment & common resources -- one such example, Tragedy of Commons, is the misuse of an environmental resource to the point of exhaustion. The course examines win-win strategies with special attention to social, ethical, and environmental impact/considerations in playing business "games".) 4.) MGMT 443 -- Global Environmental Ethics (The course takes a more religious than philosophical approach to environmental ethics. The position taken is that the "ethics of decision making" is insufficient as a motivating force. Instead, an "ethics of vision" is required. How different belief systems, including economics, and their underlying worldviews give rise to different attitudes and dispositions regarding the environment is explored). 5). MGMT 441 – Business Ethics (This course is required of all Quinlan School of Business graduate students. The main objective of this course is to examine the ethical aspects of individual and corporate decision making. Among the outcomes of this course, students will have a foundation in ethical principles and reasoning and be able understand, analyze, and implement sound ethical decisions within a corporate context. One of the main issues discussed is corporate social responsibility. )
Research Opportunities in Sustainability: Yes
Description: http://www.luc.edu/quinlan/aboutquinlan/centerslabs/centerforsocialenterpriseandresponsibility/ http://www.luc.edu/quinlan/cib/index.shtml http://www.luc.edu/sustainability/iescanvas/
School's environmental commitment:  
1: Net Impact -- the mission of Net Impact and the Loyola University Chicago Net Impact Chapter is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of leaders who use the power of business to make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact. The Loyola University Chicago Net Impact Chapter brings together students enrolled in various graduate programs at Loyola who are dedicated to promoting responsible business practice; advancing social, environmental and economic sustainability; and fostering a new generation of leaders who use the power of business to create a better world.
2: We are under construction for a new LEED certified building to house the Quinlan School of Business.
3: Quinlan students receive a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass which allows unlimited access to CTA buses and trains. The use of public transportation in place of cars greatly reduces greenhouse gases and by encouraging students to use the U-Pass not only as a means of transportation to and from the University but in their everyday activities, Quinlan is helping to reduce carbon emissions.
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Academic Support Services Offered
Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Description:Quinlan School of Business offers a three week introductory orientation for international students before the start of the adademic year. Quinlan also supports the Quinlan Graduate International Club (Quinlan GIC). Quinlan GIC is a student organization that is all about international education, be it studying in the USA as an international student or studying outside of the United States for a short duration. Quinlan GIC also aims to help international students from different countries in their transition into the American system and culture by providing support in any way possible. Through the club’s academic and networking events, as well as its cultural and social activities, graduate business students will have an opportunity to interact with other international colleagues who have successfully integrated into the United States economy, experience international cultures and customs first hand, and interact with fellow colleagues who are curious and interested about the world. Another available resource is the University's Office of International Programs: http://www.luc.edu/oip/
Women Support Groups:Yes
Description:Women in Business (WIB) -- This organization focuses on providing Quinlan students and alumni with an opportunity to develop personally and professionally through addressing issues that women face in the workplace, as well as fostering relationships among current students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders. The organization focuses on three key components: networking, workshops and speaker series.
Minority Support Groups:No
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:No
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:Yes
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
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