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Bryant University School of Business Administration

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Bryant University Students Say...

Bryant University's MBA program is “designed with working professionals in mind,” according to the school, and students report that the school definitely lives up to this reputation. The “structured part-time program [makes] it easy to balance the rigors of graduate study with the reality of maintaining a full-time job,” one student explains.


The part-time MBA at Bryant is structured as a cohort program, “where students are accepted to the school as a class and move through the entire program together.” Students complete all core courses as part of a single team (although “some professors allow teams to change members”) before “becoming separated in electives.” Most stu­dents find the cohort system a huge plus, saying it promotes “a lower dropout rate, bet­ter student interaction, and deeper relationships and networks with students.” One writes, “The cohort approach is excellent. I have built great relationships with my fellow students, and teachers are in tune with where classes stand in the learning process, mak­ing the flow from semester to semester seamless.”

Bryant recently added a full-time one-year program. The first class graduated in 2010, and some members say of their experience, “ Being the first year there were some kinks, but they have tried to put together a program that is not only academically beneficial but also gives us some real-world exposure.”

Students note that “Bryant has a very good reputation” in the region. Professors “have industry experience, they are not only theoretical or academic,” and most “are enthusi­astic…the passion they exude filters throughout the class.” Administrators “are very open and approachable. We recently voted on electives, and there is one that wasn't selected. Instead of being stuck, the dean is setting aside time to consider how we might be able to add the course. I've been very pleased that this type of response has been the norm [for] any issues that arise and not just a glowing example.” Academically, “the environment is challenging, yet fair, and [students are] well-supported. It is a great investment.” As one student sums up, “Overall Bryant is probably the best value MBA in New England outside of Cambridge/Boston. The campus is very clean and safe, the professors are all gray hairs with decades of experience in the real world, and the library and gym facilities are exceptional.” More More

Visiting And Contact Information

1150 Douglas Pike

Smithfield, RI 02917-1284

United States

Phone: 401-232-6230

Fax: 401-232-6494


Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 82
Concentrations: Accounting
Centers of Research: The Financial Markets Center offers students a hands-on laboratory utilizing Reuters 3000 system.
Part Time Program: Yes
Evening Program: Yes
Executive MBA Program Offered: No
Other Advanced Degrees Offered: Master of Business Administration (MBA), 37 credits, 24 months (part-time)11 months (full-time); Master of Science in Taxation (MS), 30 credits, 2.5 to 6 years (part-time); Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc), 30 credits, 2 semesters/one year.
Academic Calendar: Semester
Online Course Catalog: http://www.bryant.edu/wps/wcm/connect/Bryant/Divisions/Academic%20Affairs/Graduate%20School/Advising
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Student Faculty Ratio: 26:1
Total Faculty: 98%
Full-Time Faculty: 98%
Part-Time Faculty: 2%
Female Faculty: 18%
Minority Faculty: 30%
Academic specialities include accounting, computer information systems, finance,management, marketing, international business, entrepreneurship, economics and banking, taxation, and law.: www.bryant.edu/MBA
Faculty interests include XBRL, entrepreneurship and small businrss management, supply-chain management, operations management, banking and finance, and international business.: www.bryant.edu/MBAone
Curriculum strengths include a cohort model based on study teams; a focus on strategic management and decision-making taught by terminally qualified faculty supplemented by hands-on experience with outside experts and executives.: www.bryant.edu/MPAC
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Academic Services Offered
Academic Prep Programs for Incoming Students:No
Peer Tutoring Programs:No
Minority Support Groups:Yes
Women Support Groups:Yes
Non-US Student Support Groups:Yes
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups:Yes
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  • Total Faculty:
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  • Female Faculty:
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Academic Services Offered

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