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Clark University Graduate School of Management

Worcester, MA
Tuition And Aid

GSOM Says...

Tuition for the 2009-2010 academic year is $3,310 for a 14-week course; $1,655 for a 7-week course.

Clark GSOM offers merit-based scholarships to full and part-time students ranging from 25 to 100% of tuition. Graduate assistantships providing additional compensation are offered to selected...
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Visiting And Contact Information

950 Main Street

Clark University

Worcester, MA 01610

United States

Phone: 508-793-7406

Fax: 508-421-3825


Expenses per Academic Year
Tuition: $28,800.00
In-State Fees: $1,690
Out-of-State Fees: $1,690
Part-Time Tuition (per credit hour): $1,200
Part-Time Fees (per credit hour): $0
Estimated Room and Board
On-Campus: $10,000
Off-Campus: $10,000
Estimated Cost of Academic Expenses: $2,100
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Financial Aid
Financial Aid Deadline: 04/01
Award Notifications on Rolling Basis: Yes
Notification of Awards Begins: 02/01
% of Merit-Based Aid: 100%
Average Amount of Scholarships or Grants: $13,824
Direct Lender: No
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Tuition and Aid

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