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West Virginia University

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Special Needs

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The Office of Disability Services is available to all students on the campus of West Virginia University. Services are provided to qualified students with disabilities. It is the student’s responsibility to provide appropriate documentation for the diagnosis prior to receiving accommodations based... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

Admissions Office

PO Box 6009

Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

United States

Phone: 304-293-2121

Fax: 304-293-3080


Admissions Information
Program / Service Name:Office of Disability Services
Type of Program:For all students with disabilities
Director:Jennifer McIntosh
College Entrance Tests Required:Yes
Interview Required:No
Documentation Requred for LD:All diagnostic evaluation reports submitted as documentation of a learning disability must meet all of the following requirements in order to receive disability-related academic accommodations: 1. The report must be on the official letterhead, signed and dated by the evaluator, who must be a qualified and licensed professional; 2. Testing must utilize adult normed tests such as the WAIS-III; 3. The evaluation and report must be comprehensive and minimally address: Aptitude (IQ), Achievement (Reading, Math, and Written Language), and Processing (speed, visual-motor and auditory); 4. All sub-test standard scores must be provided for all tests reported; 5. Screening tests, such as the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT), the Nelson Denny Reading Test, or the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, are not acceptable in and of themselves as tests of achievement; a comprehensive test of achievement is required; 6. Testing must address the present impact of the student’s disability on current academic functioning and should have been completed within five (5) years of the request for accommodations; 7. The report must include test scores that substantiate a significant impairment to learning/cognitive and academic functioning***; 8. The report must clearly state a diagnosis of the specific learning disability and should utilize Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition - TR, (DSM IV-TR) or ICD-10 diagnostic codes. Vague terms that imply a diagnosis such as “may have”, “seems to have”, “suggests” are not acceptable as diagnostic; 9. The evaluation report must specify the test scores and rationale used to determine the DSM-IV or ICD-10 diagnosis and suggested accommodations; 10. The report must include a history of the learning disability and previous accommodations.
Documentation Required for ADHD:All diagnostic evaluation reports submitted as documentation of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder must meet all of the following requirements in order to receive disability related academic accommodations: 1. The diagnostic report must be on official letterhead, typed, signed and dated by a qualified and licensed professional such as a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist trained in the differential diagnosis of psychological/psychiatric disorders; 2. Diagnostic reports used to determine disability must be less than one year old and address both the current level of functioning and present need for accommodations; 3. Evaluation reports must include a clear statement of the DSM-IV-TR or ICD-10 diagnosis. Not all conditions listed in the DSM-IV-TR or ICD-10 are disabilities or impairments for the purposes of ADA; 4. Include a summary of assessment procedures and test scores used to make the diagnosis; 5. Include test scores that substantiate a significant impairment** to learning/cognitive functioning and academic functioning***; 6. Describe present symptoms and fluctuating conditions/symptoms in relation to the diagnosis; If accommodations are requested based upon multiple diagnoses, documentation of all disabilities for which accommodations are being requested must meet documentation criteria for each disorder. 7. List current medications and dosage, including side effects currently experienced by the student.

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Services Offered
Calculator allowed in exams:No
Dictionary allowed in exams:Yes
Computer allowed in exams:Yes
Spellchecker allowed in exams:Yes
Extended test time:Yes
Oral exams:Yes
Distraction-free environment:Yes
Accommodation for students with ADHD: Yes
Reading machine:No
Other assistive technology:Yes
LD specialists:Yes
Added costs for services:Yes
Priority registration:Yes

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Special Needs

  • Program / Service Name:
    Office of Disability Services
  • Type of Program:
    For all students with disabilities
  • Director:
    Jennifer McIntosh
  • LD specialists:
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