Attend college in Spain and you'll be speaking Spanish in no time! The combination of formal in-class education, provided by your host college in Spain, and informal education, provided by your immersion in Spanish life, will give you the unique opportunity to develop solid language skills to take home no matter where in Spain you study and for how long. In addition, your semester or academic year in Spain may be the most remarkable and culturally–rich experience of your life.

Spain has a long and varied artistic heritage. It was the birthplace of Old Masters such as Miguel de Cervantes, Diego Velazquez, and Francisco de Goya, as well as Modern Greats such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Pedro Almodóvar, Federico García Lorca, and Placido Domingo. Spain's architectural highlights date back to prehistoric cave dwellings. Its contemporary landscape is dotted with ancient ruins, castles, palaces, and cathedrals spanning all of European history.

Madrid, with over four million people, is both Spain's largest cosmopolitan city and its capital. Despite its size, Madrid maintains the flavor of Spanish culture, offering ideal surroundings for students interested in historic, artistic, and intellectual tradition. Nearby and easily accessible are the cities of Aranjuez, Segovia, Toledo, and Salamanca.

More than 50 million foreigners visit Spain every year. Initially seduced by the medieval character apparent in the country's buildings, plazas, and narrow streets, tourists and students inevitably find that the modern world is alive and well here, too.

If you decide to study in Spain, your choices are numerous. Many Spanish universities and colleges offer top–notch study abroad programs to foreign nationals. In addition to year– and semester–long academic programs, summer study abroad programs in Spain are also available.

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