The GMAT changed in 2023 to the GMAT Focus Edition. The Integrative Reasoning Section and essay were removed, and a new section, Data Insights, added 20 questions. The Quantative section dropped from 31 questions to 21 questions. The Verbal section dropped from 36 to 23 questions. GMAC has elected to reduce overall exam time from 3.5 hours to 2 hours, 15 min as all three sections of the test are now 45 minutes long.

The GMAT exam includes the following sections: Math, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and the Essay. 


  • 21 multiple–choice questions
  • 45 minutes
  • Tests basic mathematical principles in algebra and arithmetic
  • No calculators allowed
Verbal Reasoning
  • 23 multiple-choice questions
  • 45 minutes
  • Tests reading comprehension and critical reasoning skills
Data Insights
  • 20 multiple-choice questions (most require multiple responses)
  • 45 minutes
  • Tests your ability to examine and understand data, and use it in practical business situations
  • Calculator provided

The GMAT is offered only on computer. The 2 hour, 15 minute test is administered at a secure computer terminal at an approved testing center. You enter your multiple-choice answers on the screen with a mouse.

Test-takers can choose their GMAT section order when they take the exam. Learn more.