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Technology Education isn’t very mysterious—the major delivers just what its name promises. You’ll learn about major technological systems, such as those dealing with production, communication, and transportation. You’ll study various computer programs, like Computer Aided Design (CAD), and apply those programs to real-life situations. One of the most satisfying parts of a Technology Education major is its instant applicability to the real world.

Technology Education majors spend their time both studying technological systems and designing their own. In your courses you might plan and build a computer-controlled device or design a web site. You might try your hand at digital electronics or create a new transportation vehicle. Your studies will give you the tools to do all this and more—the world is your oyster.

Besides the obvious rewards of becoming knowledgeable about technology, Technology Education majors have the added benefit of learning to work well in teams, think innovatively, and enjoy a variety of satisfying careers in education and business.


  • Automation of Production Systems for Technology Education

  • Computer Control Technology

  • Construction in Technology Education

  • Design of Constructed and Manufactured Goods

  • Electrical Systems and Servicing

  • Graphic Reproduction Practices

  • Materials and Processes

  • Mechanical Systems and Servicing

  • Printing and Publishing Practices

  • Technical Drawing

  • Technology Education Electronics

  • Technology Education Practices in School

  • Transmitting and Using Mechanical Power

  • Values, Science, and Technology


Computer courses of all kinds will be your best preparation for a major in Technology Education. Becoming acquainted with various computer programs, software packages, etc., will give you a good foundation for the new information you’ll gather from your college courses.