With finals, the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests and AP exams, you certainly have a lot to juggle this spring. With The Princeton Review’s 30-plus years of test prep experience, we’ve honed our test-taking strategies to give you an edge on your exams.

Our private tutoring programs provide the undivided attention you need to succeed on your college admissions exams. You’ll work with a dedicated tutor who will review the exam’s content, help you master difficult topics and teach you the test-taking strategies you need to achieve your best score on whatever test (or tests!) you’re taking this spring.

Here’s a quick look at some of the tests you may be taking this spring:

AP Exams: While colleges don’t require these exams, many will grant course credit for high scores. You could even reduce your tuition by getting a top score.

SAT Subject Tests: Many selective colleges require SAT Subject Tests. In fact, taking SAT Subject Tests can actually increase your chances of admission, even at schools that don’t require them. So doing well on them is very important.

SAT|ACT: The standard bearers of college admissions. Many students take them more than once to achieve the score they want, but scoring high now will spare you from another round of filling in bubbles—and free up time to work on your college applications.

Private Tutoring is our most personalized offering with the greatest degree of flexibility. Your tutor will meet when and where you want, and you can choose in-person or web-based sessions.

Upcoming Test Dates

SAT and SAT Subject Test
May 4
June 1
April 13
June 8
AP Exams
AP exams are offered in May. For exact dates by subject, visit www.CollegeBoard.com

Did you know?

There are two different biology Subject Tests: Molecular and Ecological. While colleges have no preference, if you are in AP Biology, take the Molecular Subject Test. Taking AP European History? Then avoid the World History Subject Test since it mainly focuses on non-European cultures.


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