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The “untold spirit at Texas A&M” lies in its tradition, which is “the underlying pulse of Aggieland.” This large research school has “deep-rooted values” and “runs as a tight-knit family despite the numerous population.” This strong family dynamic makes the school an “open, friendly place to learn and grow,” and the incredibly strong engineering and life science programs certainly don’t hurt. The academics can be “difficult,” but “the goal is to set [students] apart from the rest, so [they] can excel.” The “wonderful” professors “do their best to bring the topics from pages to the real world.” They “all have life experiences working with the topics that they teach, making them the perfect resource for information.” These “topnotch” professors (well, aside from a very few who are “extremely dry”) come back to A&M after working in powerful industry positions “because they love the atmosphere and the students.” “I have never skipped a class because I thoroughly enjoy going,” says one student. Particularly with the sciences, professors offer students the opportunity to participate in “world-changing research,” and all such experiences “have had something useful to add to the material,” which helps students when they go out into the real world. The “Aggie network” is something to behold; it reaches far across the nation (“Aggie alumni are loyal to their school forever”) and “is good for getting jobs after graduation.” The sense of pride here motivates students to do well “because they’re part of something bigger than themselves.” There is “great support” from both the faculty and staff together. “The mindset they have is to effectively prepare students for world-class challenges,” says one student. “At Texas A&M, you learn to be a well-rounded, moral, and ethical person.”

Student Body

A typical student is “white,” “conservative,” “involved in at least one club, spends a fair amount of time studying, and learns to two-step for Thursday nights.” This being Texas, “some wear cowboy boots, a flannel shirt, a cowboy hat/baseball cap, and jeans.” There is also a strong faction of members of the Corps of Cadets, as well as religious folk (the school has “the largest Bible study in the world”). Though lacking cultural diversity, interests and hobbies run the gamut, and “students from other races and classes fit in just fine and are able to make friends just like anybody else.” While it’s a big school, “a lot of classes are pretty small, so it’s easy to make friends in class.” There are “no pretenses” among Aggies, and “everyone shows who they are.” “Most of the people I have met here are truly genuine individuals,” says a student.

Campus Life

Student organizations positively abound at Texas A&M (there are more than 1,000), and they are a huge social outlet for students looking to find those with similar interests. “Get involved in something you’re passionate about; there is a club for just about everything,” says a student. Off-campus, there are “four-dollar movies, many dancehalls, endless restaurants to eat at, and a large mall,” as well as “an ice-skating rink, bowling alley, and miniature golf place.” Students at Texas A&M are “loyal to one another and are always willing to support their fellow Aggies.” “Tradition and chivalry run the school,” and students all “work hard during the week so we can party hard on the weekends,” usually at Northgate, the “bar street.” “Texas A&M is kind of like a cult—a really happy cult,” explains a student. The “immense school spirit” is derived from the many “time-honored traditions,” including the Big Event, which is the largest one-day, student-run service project in the nation. That’s not even to mention the football: “Saturdays in the fall are owned by football.” “Although the school is very large, whenever the…Aggies at Kyle Field are belting the war hymn and linking arms, I feel like I am part of a huge family.” As one student cryptically sums up his school’s mythology, “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

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