The Princeton Review Assessment (PRA) is a test created by The Princeton Review to expose you to both the SAT and ACT. It's a measurement tool that can help you determine if you would score higher on the SAT or ACT.

Why was the PRA created?

The majority of colleges and universities accept either the SAT or the ACT. But the two tests are quite different. Your testing strengths may be better suited for the style and format of one test over the other. But, tradition and geography have created "SAT Country" and "ACT Country" where the other test is just not taken (and in some cases not even known about).

To shed some light on each test, we created the PRA to give you the chance to "meet" both the SAT and ACT in less than four hours. The PRA has seven 25-minute sections and one 30–minute SAT essay section.

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Why should I take it?

Most people don't take the SAT or ACT for fun. They take these tests to get a score that will get them into the best college. If you knew that you could score higher on one test over the other, wouldn't you want to show colleges that score? Of course. The PRA will help you find the right test for you.

Where can I take one?

For dates and locations of upcoming free PRAs near you, click above or call 888-955-4600 .