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The University of Delaware is one of the country’s oldest universities, providing its more than 18,000 undergraduates with access to 150 majors and minors and outstanding research opportunities thanks new “research labs in different areas” that are “being started each year” and “connections to local Delaware institutions.” A STEM major says: “We have clinical rotations at hospitals built into our curriculum, which is great for real world experience, and even getting job offers from the hospitals that like you.” Students also point to their World Scholars program, which pairs international study with “campus global engagement and internships” as proof that the school’s “study abroad programs are some of the best you will find at any university.” All in all, “the amount of resources for students is endless, whether it comes to advising, tutoring, career-oriented, or physical and mental health services.”

Professors “are passionate about educating their students” and students are “allowed to debate and discuss…instead of just listening to the teacher tell us what we were supposed to think.” Some “try using a reverse classroom (where you are exposed to the content before the lecture) and discussion-based classes,” and others still “allow us to partake in field experiences starting in our [first] year.” Faculty look to keep things fresh and engaging, whether that’s “making a creative art project the final instead of a paper” or “bring[ing] in local companies and guest speakers from industry/academia often.”

Student Body

This is a group of “driven individuals who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and know what they want for themselves,” and are “hardworking and intelligent, but also easygoing and fun.” As a larger school, there is a wide range of “different backgrounds, experiences, and other factors that lead to enlightening discussions and new perspectives,” and students feel “there is a space somewhere on campus for everyone where they would feel comfortable and at home.” UD is also home to “a massive community dedicated to their health and wanting to better themselves mentally and physically.” According to respondents, “almost every person is involved in one way or another” whether that’s with Greek life, dancing, sports, or work, so “it is easy to find the group of people that best match your personality and interests.” To sum things up, “In general, my peers are very inclusive and enthusiastic about their time at UD.”

Campus Life

Students say that the University of Delaware is “a big school” but not overwhelmingly so, as “you will always see familiar faces,” especially if you partake in the “many events during the week [for] school pride.” To put it another way, it’s a very “connected campus” with “a space or group for almost anything a student could possibly want to do, from creating music, to cooking, to playing video games, to woodworking.” There are “a lot of hands-on activities clubs and student activities” for people to take part in, and many value the “club and intramural sports teams to join, as well as supporting our D1 sports teams.” It’s also a very maintained campus with “up-to-date and very nice” resources, like the beloved gym “where there is a swimming pool and a rock wall open to all students.” The surrounding area’s Main Street is a “super popular” venue, with “an abundant amount of restaurants that let you sit, talk, and/or do work.” Location matters, but at this school, socializing comes first: “Anywhere from dining halls to student areas, everyone interacts with each other at all times.”

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Christina Thomas
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Most Popular Places On Campus
Interdisciplinary Science Engineering Lab
Trabant University Center
Memorial Hall
Carpenter Sports Building
Perkins Student Center
The University of Delaware is an East Coast Classic featuring an historic, green campus at the center of every major city on the east coast.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Newark -Main Street
Winterthur Country Estate & Gardens
Longwood Gardens
The Delaware Beaches
White Clay Creek State Park
The town of Newark, Delaware is a traditional college town with Main Street, featuring shops and restaurants, at its center. Within easy driving distance of campus are the Brandywine River Valley, the Chesapeake Bay, Philadelphia International Airport, and major cities such as NYC (2 hours), DC (2 hours), Philadelphia (45 minutes), & Baltimore (1 hour).

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Campus Tours
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Average Length: 2 hours

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Overnight Dorm Stays


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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Philadelphia International Airport is a 45 minute drive from campus. Transportation to and from campus is provided by Delaware Express (800-648-5466), Super Shuttle (302-655-8878), or taxi. Rental cars are also available at the airport. Amtrak trains that run between Florida and New England stop in Wilmington, a 20-minute ride from campus and Newark. Delaware Administration for Regional Transportation (DART) buses transport passengers between Wilmington and Newark; for schedules, contact DART (302-652-DART). SEPIA rail service is available to Newark from Wilmington and Philadelphia. Greyhound buses travel directly to the university from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and New York City; for schedule information call 302-655-6111.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the north, take I-95 S. to Delaware Exit 1B, Rte 896 N. This takes you onto South College Ave.; continue past the stadium and fieldhouse until you reach the main campus. Turn into Visitor parking lot #41. From the south, take I-95 N. to Delaware Exit 1, then follow directions "from the north".

Local Accommodations
The University operates its own hotel, Marriott Courtyard at the University of Delaware, http://www.udel.edu/hotel/ Additional nearby accommodations are listed online.


Applicants: 35,228
Acceptance Rate: 72%
Average HS GPA: 3.96



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