Affiliate Partnerships for Academic Clubs

Give your members access to our programs at a discount. Check on eligibility for free courses and fund-raising programs.

Academic honor societies, pre–graduate societies, student government, alumni clubs, online student–focused entities and academic–based non-profits make fantastic Princeton Review partners. Together with these organizations, we customize programs to support our shared goal of academic excellence.

Our courses are taught in classrooms around the country and remotely via our online programs. As an Affiliate Partner, your members can benefit from a discount on course tuition. We support Partner membership communications by providing marketing copy, graphics and promotional collateral or a members–only information page within our website.

The Princeton Review can attend your organization’s meetings to provide a personal introduction to our resources, including college and graduate admissions seminars, strategy sessions and free practice tests. Affiliate Partners may also be eligible for free courses and fund–raising programs.

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Youth Outreach, Marketing, and Licensing Partnerships

Develop a customized program for your youth marketing and outreach efforts.

The Princeton Review offers tailored programs to help you meet your marketing, promotion and customer acquisition objectives. We have many ways to help you reach students:

  • Co–branded Princeton Review publications
  • Micro sites and sponsored content on
  • Content licensing and custom publications
  • Email marketing and student surveys
  • Podcasts, media tours, and other online outlets
  • Live events at our offices worldwide
  • Custom research and data mining

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Corporate Benefit Programs

Give your employees and their families access to our test prep and admissions services, and tailor the program to your needs.

A benefit package enriched with Princeton Review services helps you recruit and retain top employees, and be an employer of choice. Your employees’ success on admissions tests and acceptance to top programs provides a high return on investment. We will work with you to customize a program, including:

  • Managing all administrative details associated with your program
  • Scheduling programs at any location you choose, including our online classrooms, with top instructors
  • Providing extensive course materials, full-length practice tests, and an online portal with practice questions, drills and in-depth explanations – everything your employees need to ace their tests
  • Guaranteeing higher scores after taking our program
  • Providing admissions counseling, and access to free admissions resources
  • Offering discounts to your employees’ families for individual courses – such as SAT and ACT test preparation for college entrance

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Advertise with Us

Ensure students consider your college or grad school when they research their choices.

More than 700 colleges and grad schools (and their advertising agencies) choose us for their admissions recruiting and marketing campaigns. We offer a wide range of marketing programs. Please visit our Advertising page here , or contact us at or 646-619-8264 .

College Readiness Programs, Test Prep and Admissions Support for Schools

We believe everyone deserves the chance to go to college. Let us help you get your students ready.

For information on how we can help your students find their way to college, please visit our College Readiness page here , or contact us at or 800-369-4589 .

International Partnerships

Interested in becoming an International Partner? Learn More .

Other Ideas?

We love creative people as partners. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll talk!

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