Read below for additional information about your specific schedule. Your class schedule is comprised of:


    These testing blocks have been written into your class schedule to allow you to set aside the needed time to complete the required practice exams throughout the course. These tests are to be completed at your home, a library or any place that is quiet and will allow you to dedicate the needed time and concentration to completing the practice test in one sitting.

    You do not need to complete the tests during the designated hours, however you will need to complete the required test prior to the next live class. The order for testing is: (make a little chart?) Test 1 is 1460E, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4 is 1163B. Once you have completed your paper and pencil test using the bubble sheets included in your package of materials, you will then enter your answers into a web entry form located in your online student portal. Click here to learn How To Enter My Scores.

  • 2.5 hour LiveOnline course sessions

    These are taught by a live instructor in our virtual classrooms according to the schedule you chose at enrollment. In order to access your LiveOnline class you will log in to your online student portal 15 minutes before the class is set to begin and launch the virtual classroom. Click here to learn How To Launch Your Virtual Class Sessions.

    If there are any technical issues, we will send you a link to the classroom via email. So be on a look out for it.