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  • Make Sure to Register for Your Psychology/Sociology Sessions

    Follow the prompt once logged in and pick your 7 sessions. Once your Dashboard is activated and you are registered for Psych/Soc., you will be able to access your class by navigating to the Schedule tab in your Dashboard: Schedule -> Your upcoming classes . The launch link will appear 10 minutes prior to class in place of Live Online icon.

    The full schedule can be found on the same page by clicking on List Icon .
MCAT Course Info

Course Preview

34 Scheduled Classes
  • 6 General Chemistry
  • 4 Organic Chemistry
  • 7 CARS
  • 6 Physics
  • 11 Biology
PreWork and Homework
  • Complete all assignments
  • Prework prior to class
  • Homework after class
  • Diagnostic Tests
7 Separately Scheduled Classes
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • These sessions must be completed outside of your regularly scheduled class time!
Take Practice Tests
  • Course Test 1
  • Course Test 2
  • Course Test 3
  • Course Test 4
  • Course Test 5