Register for the SAT
  • Enrolling with The Princeton Review does NOT register you for an actual test administration. If you need help registering, please visit About the SAT for complete test information including “How Do I Register?”
Complete Your First Practice Test
  • All programs begin with an initial practice test built into the schedule as the first event! You should complete your first practice test prior to your first live class session (the second segment in your schedule). See below for more details.
Understand Your Course Schedule

Your course includes two types of sessions:


    These testing blocks have been written into your course schedule to help you to set aside time to complete the required practice exams throughout the course. These tests are to be completed at your home, a library or any place where you will be able to focus and be able to complete the practice test in one sitting. Depending on your location and schedule, you may be able to arrange to join an in person practice test session run by The Princeton Review. To inquire about options, contact LiveOnline Student Support.

    You do NOT need to complete the tests during the scheduled times. However, you should complete tests regularly throughout your program, and the placement of the testing blocks is meant to guide you. For example, if your schedule includes a Saturday morning test followed by a Tuesday class, you may definitely take the test on Sunday or at another time you find more convenient, but you should finish the test before the Tuesday class.

    Practice tests and answer sheets are included with your textbook material. Consult the syllabus on the Resources page of your Dashboard for more information about the order in which you should complete the tests.

    Practice tests and answer sheets (bubble sheets) are included with your textbook material. Consult the Tests tab in your My Campus for the order in which you should complete the tests. The required tests for your program are listed under the first heading, Required Tests.

    You should always record your answers in your test booklet as well as on your answer sheet. Most students find that completing an entire page of the test or two facing pages before taking time to enter answers on the answer sheet improves focus. Recording your answers in your test booklet also enables you to score your test immediately.

    Keep your test booklet at the end of a test sessions—do not discard it! You will use your test booklet and your score report to review your performance. If you arrange to take a test at an in person practice test session, answer sheets are given to the proctor but the test booklet is part of your textbook materials to keep. Note that this is different than what happens at an actual test administration where you must give back your test booklet.

    Once you have completed your paper and pencil test using the bubble sheets you received in your shipment of materials, you will then enter your answers into a web entry form located in your Dashboard. Click here for more detailed instructions on scoring your test online. 

    You will instantly receive an interactive report that analyzes your score. Note that feedback on the essay section may take up to an additional three days to be added to your score report. If you arrange to take a test at an in person practice test session, the interactive score report will be available within a week.

    Classes are led by a live instructor in a virtual classroom at the times listed in the Schedule tab of your My Campus Dashboard. The Go To Class link for your LiveOnline class session in the Schedule tab of your My Campus Dashboard will become active 15 minutes prior to the class start time. We encourage you to use this time to make sure that you are fully logged into the classroom for the start of the session. 

    Classes are interactive. Come prepared to learn by participating. Your success depends on mastering both content and specialized test taking techniques. Classes will involve reading questions aloud and working through problems to practice techniques. Your instructor will call on you! And bring an open mind because some techniques will be different than what you may have learned in other contexts.
    Note that in rare cases when technical difficulties prevent students from logging in to the virtual classroom through the Dashboard, direct links may be sent out by email.
Advantage Sessions

  • SAT Advantage sessions are optional extra help sessions which give students additional opportunities to work with expert instructors in our online virtual classrooms. Scheduled sessions help students hone their skills and get answers to their toughest SAT questions. Students can attend any session as many times as they want. 
  • In order to sign up for an Advantage Session, simply visit the SAT Advantage tab at the top of your My Campus portal and click Add to Study Plan for the specific sessions you wish to attend. Once the session is live you will see the Go to Class link in your schedule! 

  • Homework will be assigned by your instructor between class sessions for you to complete. Please refer to your class syllabus to make certain you are completing the required assignments in order to keep your Guarantee in place. Some students may prefer to complete their homework in their manual prior to transferring it to their dashboard.
  • Homework "Crosswalk": This document can be located on the Resources tab of your My Campus dashboard. It contains information to find the corresponding location to enter your completed homework onto your dashboard for completion credit.