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Looking to craft a standout medical school personal statement? Stuck on the all-important “experiences” section of your medical school application? Many students don't realize that their list of experiences, and how these reflect AMCAS's 15 Core Competencies, can have a greater impact on your application than your personal statement! Join Dr. Anita Paschall as she shares some pro tips for writing both your personal statement and experiences.


Need help with your Medical Applications?

In this webinar, admissions expert Dr. Anita Paschall shares some of the most common medical school candidate errors she’s encountered over the years—and learn the most common reasons why over 50% of people with great grades and test scores still get denied. You’ll learn to apply your “A” game to every part of your application.


Most medical school admissions committees place more weight on secondary essay responses as those help reflect your fit for their program and ultimately impact your chances of landing that all-important interview, which many medical admissions offices say can count for up to 60% or more of your admissions score. This live webinar presented by Dr. Paschall will focus on how to make the most out of those secondary essays, and how to stand out on your medical school admissions interview—the answers may surprise you!


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