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As a consistently top ten law school, the University of Michigan has a lot to brag about in terms of “name recognition, academic reputation, [and] alumni network.” That said, even though “everyone at Michigan is really proud to be here,” they’re not really bragging types: the “Michigan Difference” provides “a superior legal education while avoiding the snootiness that ordinarily accompanies it—and employers recognize it.” U of M professors “are brilliant, accessible, and committed to the classroom,” and “frequently attend happy hours or invite us into their homes. They are seriously wonderful, friendly people.” Indeed, many students underscore the fact that professors represent “a fantastic array of . . . theoretical and political perspectives” and are “more friendly or open with students at other top law schools.” Some students express a desire for “more diversity in course offerings,” and their comments frequently reflect the opinion that the “Transnational Law course requirement is a waste,” but they generally agree that the “academic experience at Michigan has been out of this world.”
Though “the alumni network is massive,” job placement is “top notch,” and “if you throw a rock in a big law firm, you're likely to hit a Michigan Law grad excited to dish about the school,” some students argue that the “school needs a better career services office that is better adapted to the post-recession legal market.” Significant investments in the Office of Career Planning since 2014, include reorganizing the office, and adding more resources like counselors and fellowships, as well as building stronger links between students and the alumni network. Equally do they report, though, that the “administration is phenomenal,” “friendly, accessible, and responsive,” and “responds to emails with amazing promptness and a willingness to help.” Students looking to cast a wide net in job placement benefit from Michigan’s Midwestern location: “I love how well Michigan places nationally—it is very nice to not be married to one market.”
U of M’s students adore the law school facilities, which “are not only functionally amazing but spectacular to look at as well. Easily the most aesthetically pleasing law school in the country, and [very recent] renovations to the Lawyers Club should make it better than ever.” “Classrooms are well-equipped, with the newer facilities providing nine whiteboards, hydraulic podiums, and individual microphones for every student,” and “the buildings are architectural gems, especially the Reading Room.” This, of course, comes at a cost: Michigan doesn’t give as significant an in-state tuition break as many other state universities (though they do give a competitive amount of financial aid), and “Like any law school, debt is a huge problem.” Broadly speaking, students express a high degree of satisfaction with the education they’re paying for: “Michigan students rarely want for anything in terms of opportunities, experiences, or facilities.”

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Michigan students, “genuine and decent people who are simply fun,” take pride in their humility: “Everyone here is smart, but nobody is a jerk about it. Employers know that, too.” “The friendly, relatively noncompetitive atmosphere is why I chose Michigan Law, and I am so grateful for it every single day.” Many of them picked Michigan over other choices because “the cutthroat, unhappy reputation of other schools is the exact opposite of what you find at Michigan” and “the collegiality of the students and professors here is so refreshing.” The university encourages this dynamic: “the school seems to make life, especially during finals period, as easy as possible, going the length of increasing/making free printing, keeping facilities open longer, etc.”
They’re also delighted by their surroundings, joking that the “law quad” is so “gorgeous” it’s like “we basically go to school at Hogwarts.” The excellent facilities augment quality of life on campus, offering “ample room to study, relax, socialize, and bask in the awe of one of the most beautiful academic buildings on the planet.”

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Sarah C. Zearfoss
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701 South State Street
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