We are confident that your hard work plus our expert tutors will increase your grades. We guarantee that if you work with our tutors for at least two hours a month for three consecutive months, you will see an improvement in your grade in the subject we are helping you with.

If you have any questions or concerns about our guarantee please contact us right away at Guarantees@review.com so that we may clarify for you.

To qualify for the guarantee you must work with our tutors for a total of 120 minutes per month, for each of three consecutive months, in the subject you want covered by our guarantee.

In other words, you are always welcome to have sessions with tutors in numerous subjects, but if you want to be covered by our guarantee for a particular subject, you must spend at least 120 minutes per month working in a single subject. For example: In November you spend 145 minutes in session with tutors. 125 of the minutes are with algebra tutors and 20 minutes are with writing tutors. Such a month would qualify as a full month towards the guarantee for algebra. On the other hand, if you spend 110 minutes with algebra tutors and 35 minutes with writing tutors, such a month would not qualify because you would not have spent 120 minutes with tutors in any single subject.

To qualify for the guarantee you must be a student in grade 6 through 12, between the ages of 10 and 19, enrolled in an accredited public, private, parochial, or charter school in the United States.

You must live in the United States and attend school in the United States to qualify for our guarantee. If you are enrolled in an online school, both it and you must be located in the United States, and the school must be fully accredited.

To qualify for the guarantee you must either be taking the same course across three months, or be transitioning from a natural prerequisite course without a break in time longer than a summer.

If you start working with us in the beginning of a grading period (such as a quarter, trimester, or semester), and you have yet to receive your first mid-term grade, we look to your final grade in the prerequisite course as the starting point for your grade comparison. For example, if you start working with us in September before you have your mid-term grade in Algebra II, we look to your grade in Algebra I as your starting point. If you are taking a course for which there is no natural prerequisite the clock on your three months does not begin until you have received your first grade in the course, which could be your mid-term exam. If you are unclear whether a particular course has a qualifying prerequisite course please contact us right away.

Your school/subject must report grades in a way that allows us to see your improvement.

Different schools have different grading scales and systems for measuring academic progress. We guarantee that if you work with us your grade will go up at least the equivalent of a half-step letter grade, meaning, for example, from a C to a B- ,or from a B to an A-. If your school uses a numerical grading system we guarantee your grade will increase at least three points, for example from a 79 to an 82. Please note that our guarantee does not apply to schools/subjects that offer grades of A, B, C, D, and F without pluses and minuses, or other course scales such as U, S, VS, E or Pass/Fail. (If your school/subject does not have a standard grading system, we strongly encourage you to contact us now so we can let you know whether you will be covered by our guarantee.)

Our guarantee does not apply to students who start with an A in a subject, or who start with a numerical grade within 10% of the highest grade available in their school's grading system.

Working with our tutors for two hours per month is probably enough to get you from an A to an A plus but some teachers only give out a limited number of their highest grades.

You must make a good faith effort to learn the material. You must complete all major assignments and exams.

What we guarantee is that if you make a good faith effort to learn, and include us in your effort, you will see results. If your grade does not increase because you fail to show up for your mid-term, or because you did not complete an important project, paper, or take-home exam, you are not eligible for our guarantee.

Sessions for which you request credit do not count towards the requirement to spend 120 minutes per month working with our tutors.

As you likely know from our Terms of Use, we guarantee the quality of every session. If you have a session that does not meet our standards of quality, and you request (and receive) credit for that session, the time you spent in that session does not count towards your 120 minutes that month. For example, if you spend 125 minutes in algebra sessions during a month and request credit for a 15 minute session, you have only spent 110 qualifying minutes with the tutors for that month and must spend at least 10 more minutes with tutors (in your subject) that month in order for the month to count as one of the three consecutive months.

Your grade must go up (or not go up) in a way that we can confirm.

If you submit a request for a refund under our guarantee, you will be required to submit a form to us, signed by both you and your parent (or legal guardian), authorizing your school to release your records to us for verification.

If you qualify for the refund under our guarantee, we will refund you 100% of what you spent on tutoring in the qualifying subject, up to a maximum of $239.97.

In order to be considered for the Better Grades Guarantee, you'll need to purchase our 2 hour a month package at $79.99 per month. If you qualify for the refund, you'll get back the cost of the tutoring up to $239.97 which is what you would spend for three months. There is a limit of one refund per household and/or family.

Any filing of a false claim is considered fraud as set forth and governed by Section 9 of our Terms of Use.

Refunds will be issued in the form and manner chosen by The Princeton Review.

This means that we reserve the right to refund a credit card or mail a check as circumstances dictate. It also means that we use our judgment when determining to whom the refund will be issued. (Our default rule is we will refund the person who paid for your tutoring.)

You can do it. We believe in you. We are here to help.

The Princeton Review reserves the right to update the above guarantee at any time.