What’s Included

Personal Support

  • Work with an experienced pre-health coach who has been personally trained by our Premier Counselor.
  • Get urgent questions answered quickly with unlimited messaging to your coach through your confidential student dashboard.

Exclusive Admissions Resources

  • Access extensive resources available only to our admissions counseling students! Includes insider tips to get you noticed—and accepted—via outstanding personal statements, experiences, secondary essays, and interviews

Primary Application Support

  • Thorough review of your entire candidacy including coursework, GPA, MCAT scores, clinical, research, and volunteer experiences, and more
  • Expert guidance on what healthcare professional schools are really looking for in your personal statement and experiences
  • 2 detailed rounds of revision of your personal statement
  • 2 in-depth rounds to compile and refine your list of 15 experiences, including how to select and draft the 3 “most meaningful” ones
  • Expert input on your school selection and letters of recommendation in order to increase your chances of acceptance
  • Detailed feedback on your entire primary application from start to finish

Price: $2,000 USD

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