Overall Features


Hours of Instruction

481 hours of coaching led by a team of subject-matter experts
1100+ total hours of preparation


Number of Tests

14 full-length tests; including the newest AAMC Practice Exam #2


  • 204 hours of live science instruction
  • 44 hours of CARS prep (this is live instruction hours)
  • 12 hours of admissions and test taking workshops
  • 156 hours of office hours and study hall time
  • 24 test review + 48 testing time = 72 hours of testing and review
  • 257+ hours of additional online resources
  • amplifire™, a revolutionary study tool designed to help you retain more and learn faster
  • Access to our new mobile app, MCAT Prep To Go—powered by amplifire™
  • 6000+ pages of up-to-date study materials
  • Brush up on any topic with 500+ on-demand MedFlix videos