MCAT Topic Focus

Expert Led. Peer Reviewed. Fast Results.

Step #1
MCAT Expert-led Instruction
  • Masters of MCAT content and strategy—and experts in their respective fields—our instructors will guide you through the toughest MCAT questions
  • 12+ sessions a week that focus on MCAT topic weaknesses and answer questions during your outside study
Step #2
Identifying Needs
  • Attend sessions based on your areas of weakness and specific questions
  • Flexibility to attend topics where you need additional support
Step #3
Customized Sessions
  • 1-hour subject-specific sessions led by your questions (ex: biology, physics, general chemistry)
  • 1.5 hour topic-specific sessions which includes guided practice and in-depth passage explanations (ex: IUPAC Nomenclature, genetics, acid base basics)
Included with
the MCAT 513+ Guarantee
Step #4
Progress Monitoring
  • Study and practice using thousands of online freestanding and passage-based questions, each with detailed explanations
  • 15 full-length online practice tests, including ALL released AAMC material, to measure your score improvement