2017 MCAT Test Dates

Registration for the MCAT exam dates below is now open! Visit the AAMC website  to register for the date and location of your choice.

*All MCAT exams will begin at 8 a.m.

2017 Test Dates2017 Score Release Dates
January 19 February 21
January 28 February 28
March 31 May 2
April 22 May 23
April 28 May 30
May 13 June 13
May 18 June 20
May 19 June 20
June 1 July 6
June 16 July 18
June 17 July 18
June 29 August 1
June 30 August 1
July 21 August 22
July 22 August 22
July 27 August 29
July 28 August 29
August 3 September 5
August 11 September 12
August 18 September 19
August 19 September 19
August 24 September 26
September 1 October 3
September 2 October 3
September 9 October 10

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