Don't fritter away your time. Ameliorate your vocabulary while waiting for friends, riding the bus or even between texts.

One of the easiest ways to raise your SAT® score is to improve your vocabulary.

Turn 5 spare minutes — while riding on the bus, waiting in line, or on your lunch break — into a productive study session with our SAT Vocab Challenge application for the iPhone™ and iPod touch®.

Winner of the prestigious “Editor's Choice Award” by Children's Technology Review, this clever app lets you carry hundreds of need-to-know words everywhere you go, so you can sharpen your vocab skills on the move.

  • Get quizzed on word definitions, connotations, synonyms and antonyms in 4 different types of timed challenges.
  • Become familiar with the most tested words on the SAT.
  • Browse a complete index with definitions, audio pronunciations and parts of speech for each word.
  • Keep track of your performance with a log indicating the number of terms you've mastered.

SAT Vocab Challenge is now available in Apple's App Store.