Tutor.com Launches Groundbreaking New Institutional Tutoring Platform — Learner Engagements Online

LEO Delivers Equitable Access to Academic Support that Drives Student Achievement

NEW YORK, September 15, 2022 /— Tutor.com, one of the world’s largest and most innovative online tutoring organizations, announced today that it has launched Learner Engagements Online™ (LEO), an institutional tutoring platform designed to centralize 24/7 academic support services for students, as well as scheduling tools and actionable analytics for institutions.

“Universal access to 24/7, on-demand tutoring is becoming a mainstay in education from K to gray,” said Joshua H. J. Park, Chief Executive Officer, Tutor.com/The Princeton Review. “As institutions and organizations—and even states—seek to deliver equitable access to tutoring, the greatest barriers we identified are the management and measurement of tutoring at scale. With the launch of LEO, Tutor.com solves for those challenges.”

The LEO platform was purpose-built from the ground up by a team of Tutor.com online learning experts, educators, education leaders, and web developers, with notable contributions from clients. It was designed to be both expansive and flexible. Institutions can customize the support services available for their learners, with options including: 

  • One-to-one tutoring, scheduled or on demand
  • Drop-off writing and math review
  • Specialized subject tutoring
  • Small-group tutoring
  • One-to-many workshops
  • Peer-to-peer learning in Meeting Spaces, a dedicated virtual study-group classroom
  • Academic advising
  • Job and career help

LEO additionally offers a wide range of self-guided resources, including exclusive access to best-in-class test prep from The Princeton Review®, practice quizzes, video lessons, worksheets, and other resources in the SkillsCenter library. 

Institutions may choose whether to provide one-to-one tutoring by Tutor.com’s rigorously vetted expert tutors, their own tutors or faculty, or a combination of both. The company’s tutors have delivered more than 22 million one-to-one sessions to date and maintain an average learner rating of 4.7 out of 5. Institutions that license the platform gain the option of using all of its tools—including scheduling and analytics, as well as the multimodal online classroom—for their learners, instructors, and staff. For co-staffed support, schools may establish rules for assigning tutors—e.g., prioritizing institutional instructors during certain hours or in certain subjects. 

“All of the customization in LEO makes it possible for institutions to provide individualized support for every learner,” continued Park. “The results are transformative: equitable access, reduced attrition, and increased pass and persistence rates.”

When students need immediate help, they may access Tutor.com’s LEO platform through their learning management system with a single sign-on and then connect to an expert tutor, typically in about a minute. The platform allows students to get help in the format that works best for them: live in real time, asynchronously, or with self-guided resources. It further allows them to connect with their instructors in the format most comfortable for them—text, voice, or video—given their learning preferences, goals, and age. And it provides a range of support options so students can choose their ideal setting: one-to-one, one-to-several, one-to-many, peer-to-peer, or self-directed.

The company’s case and efficacy studies have shown that Tutor.com use has led to higher student pass and persistence rates across diverse student cohorts. Some of these are cited in the company’s brief impact video.  

“Providing every student with equitable access to support in a data-rich learning environment helps us realize our mission of driving transformative student success in the field of health science,” said Erica Ehrhard, Admissions Operations Supervisor at Logan University, an early adopter of LEO. 

For institutions seeking ways to level the playing field for student support and alleviate stress for their faculty and staff, LEO provides centralized scheduling tools for staff members to view and create schedules in a single hub. Its early alerts help institutions provide just-in-time support and address curricular challenges as they arise. The platform also provides administrators with access to a Client Portal featuring real-time data and downloadable reports. A forthcoming Teacher Dashboard will offer an overview of students’ support needs and enable teachers to seamlessly refer students to tutoring, with the specific needs of each student already identified. Once a tutoring session occurs, teachers may review the tutoring transcript to ensure a student’s progress.

The platform can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide variety of institutions and organizations, including colleges and universities, K–12 schools and districts, and libraries. Tutor.com also serves learners through its partnerships with employee benefits programs, nonprofit organizations, and the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. With the adoption of LEO, learners will gain access to an enhanced user interface, along with the customized support offerings, scheduling options, and analytics tools their institutions have made available. 

The ongoing development of features is part of LEO’s architecture.

“LEO is a living platform,” said Park. “It exists to provide students with outcome-changing support, and to enable postsecondary and higher education institutions to fulfill their mission of empowering students to succeed. That’s why we built LEO, and it’s why we will continue to anticipate learner and institutional needs with platform enhancements.”

About Tutor.com
Since its incorporation in 2000, Tutor.com has delivered more than 22 million one-to-one online tutoring and homework help sessions to students. The company’s more than 3,000 vetted and qualified tutors provide learning assistance that is available 24/7 in a wide variety of subjects, along with early alerts that help institutions provide just-in-time support. The company’s mission is to instill hope, advance equity, and catalyze achievement in schools and communities. Tutor.com powers tutoring and homework help programs for the U.S. Department of Defense, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program, colleges and universities, K–12 school districts, state and local libraries, and companies offering employee benefits programs. Headquartered in New York City, Tutor.com is an affiliate of The Princeton Review, an education services company not affiliated with Princeton University. Follow Tutor.com on Twitter @tutordotcom, Facebook @TutorDotCom, and LinkedIn @Tutor.com.



Suzanne Podhurst, PhD, VP, Institutional Marketing and Corporate Communications, Tutor.com and The Princeton Review, suzanne.podhurst@tutor.com