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Best Value Colleges for 2012 – Public
61 Schools
Long Beach, CA
Students Say: "California State University—Long Beach is “very large and diverse,” “affordable to virtually anyone,” and “geared toward preparing students to enter the real world.” There are eight colleges and tons ..." More>>
Newport News, VA
Students Say: "Christopher Newport was an English seaman and captain of “the largest of the three ships that brought the Jamestown settlers to the New World.” Over 400 years later, Christopher Newport University “is..." More>>
New York, NY
School Says: "Hunter College is a liberal arts college serving over 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Wide offerings in the liberal arts and sciences and th..." More>>
Clemson, SC
School Says: "One of the country's most selective public research universities, Clemson was founded in 1889 with a mission to be a "high seminary of learning" dedicated to teaching, research, and service. Today, th..." More>>
Charleston, SC
School Says: "The College of Charleston is a highly respected student-centered public liberal arts and sciences university located in historic Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1770, the College prepares nearl..." More>>
Williamsburg, VA
Students Say: "Students at The College of William & Mary are extraordinarily happy with their overall experience and with their academics in particular. One student sums up the school’s vibe by saying, “William & Ma..." More>>
Tallahassee, FL
Students Say: "Florida State University is “a large, sports-oriented, research-intensive state school that has a niche for everybody, as long as you are willing to search.” In addition to its strong academics, stude..." More>>
Atlanta, GA
Students Say: "The Georgia Institute of Technology—Georgia Tech for short—“challenges its students academically while providing a culturally diverse environment, all culminating in preparation for life after college..." More>>
Bloomington, IN
Students Say: "Indiana University—Bloomington focuses on creating well-rounded students who will be successful in and after college. This large state school challenges its students academically, but it “creates a fu..." More>>
Ames, IA
Students Say: "More than 28,000 students come together in Ames to get degrees in more than 100 majors, successfully giving off “a small-school feel with a big-university atmosphere.” Science and technology are the m..." More>>
Harrisonburg, VA
Students Say: "James Madison University has a reputation as “a school that values education, respect, and integrity.” The university boasts “one of the best BA programs for musical theater on the East Coast,” and an..." More>>
Farmville, VA
Students Say: "Longwood University offers "small class sizes and one-on-one time with professors" in an "intimate atmosphere" that "gives you the best chance to succeed in your field of choice." A senior says, "If y..." More>>
Rolla, MO
Students Say: "Top performers in science and technology will find a home in the school formerly known as University of Missouri—Rolla, because here “students are exposed to just about every different type of enginee..." More>>
Sarasota, FL
Students Say: "New College of Florida, a uniquely small and unconventional public institution, “provides challenging courses for highly self-motivated students who want a large amount of control over their academic ..." More>>
Raleigh, NC
School Says: "With more than 34,000 students and nearly 8,000 faculty and staff, North Carolina State University is a comprehensive university known for its leadership in education and research, and globally recogn..." More>>
West Lafayette, IN
Students Say: "Purdue is a Big Ten school that provides “a world class education” with a name “that is known all over the world and not just the state of Indiana.” The university is especially “known for being a gre..." More>>
Cedar City, UT
Students Say: "“I love SUU,” says one student, whose bubbly enthusiasm is typical among her classmates. “My professors are great. . . . One time I was struggling to write a paper for English, so I called my professo..." More>>
St. Mary's City, MD
School Says: "St. Mary's College of Maryland is designated the Honors College of the State of Maryland in recognition of the quality of our students, faculty and curriculum. St. Mary's offers an undergraduate, libe..." More>>
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