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  • Part–Time MBAs

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    If leaving the workforce to earn your MBA is not an attractive choice, consider going to b–school part–time.

    For those of you that want to keep that dynamite position, have a family to take care of or have a budget with little wiggle room, going to school part–time is a fantastic solution that can pave the way up the ranks of your current company or in a future position.

    Part–time study has its perks: the cost is manageable, the schedule is flexible and you will often (but not always) have access to the same faculty and resources as full–time students. Many employers encourage this professional growth by offering tuition reimbursement to employees pursuing a business degree.

    There are some disadvantages to part–time study, however. At some schools, the MBA program is different for part–time students, who may not have access to all programs or classes. Additionally, there are schools that restrict on–campus recruiting to those with full–time status.

    It can also be tough to juggle classes and work. Part–time students sometimes find themselves competing against full–time students, who often enroll in the same classes but have more time to study and prepare. This can intensify academic pressure. If you're using your MBA as a platform to find a better position, the job hunt will be another demand on your time.

    Bottom line: If you're choosing between part–time study and no study at all, the first option is clearly the better one. With advance planning and good time management, part–time students can earn an MBA and have access to the many opportunities such a degree offers.

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