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  • You're smart, you're capable and you want to land a great gig after college.

    To do that, you've got to make sure you're prepared to join an economy where people are buying green and businesses are going green.

    Still wary that it's just a passing phase? Here's a little anecdotal evidence for you: last year, the U.S. Patent Office handed out over 300,000 trademarks to names that included "eco" or "green" in their title. Investors have been rushing to fund a huge range of new companies, featuring everything from solar energy to green building materials. Even corporations like Walmart, Google and HP are greening their products and improving their environmental record in response to consumer demand.

    You want to be equipped to join the emerging green market, and that means attending a college that offers a green education. Schools that score well on our Green Rating have courses that help you understand your way around renewable energy, organic agriculture and the tools for developing smart, efficient products. For example, at Santa Clara University, theSustainability Across the Curriculum project trains all faculty on how to integrate environment and sustainability into new or existing curriculum. Schools like Georgetown University and Northland College in Wisconsin offer environmental literacy courses to undergraduates.

    Not only do green colleges provide great courses, they also have undergrads involved in top-notch research. Students at State University of New York—College of Environmental Science and Forestry get to participate in projects such as the development of the state's first wood ethanol biorefinery, which produces renewable fuel and biodegradable plastics from wood. Undergrads at Goucher College have taken the green lead, launching the school's recycling program and composting program and pushing for more environmentally friendly policies.

    If you choose to attend a school with a good Green Rating, the academic, research and extracurricular opportunities available will put you a step ahead of the competition and help you get ready for the job you really want.