Overall Features


Hours of Instruction

508+ hours of prep covering all content and strategies, including 123 hours of formatted instruction


Number of Tests

13 total.  12 full-length practice tests from The Princeton Review and 1 from AAMC.  Diagnostic exams provided in advance of each class and all AAMC materials as they are released.


Access to Course Content

Access to online content begins on date of course purchase and lasts 270 days.


  • 123 hours of recorded instruction, including 21 hours of Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) and 18 hours of Psychology and Sociology
  • 257+ hours of online resources, including thousands of practice questions
  • amplifire™, an exclusive tool leveraging state-of-the-art brain research on the biochemical process underlying memory to help you quickly learn science concepts
  • Interactive personalized dashboard that takes the guess work out of what, why and when to study
  • Brush up on any topic with 500+ hours of on-demand MedFlix videos