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Best Value Colleges for 2014 – Private
79 Schools
Amherst, MA
Students Say: "With about 1,800 students, Amherst College “has a strong sense of community born of its small size” that goes hand-in-hand with an atmosphere that “encour- ages discussion and cooperation.” Many here ..." More>>
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Students Say: "Bard College is private, liberal arts institution located in the Hudson Valley that boasts a strong arts focus and a dedication to civic engagement locally, nationally, and worldwide in ways that “are..." More>>
New York, NY
School Says: "Founded in 1889, Barnard College was one of the first colleges to offer young women the chance to earn a college degree. Today, Barnard College remains committed to the education of over 2,390 underg..." More>>
Lewiston, ME
Students Say: "A “small liberal arts college,” nestled in Maine, Bates College is dedicated to “empowering its students environmentally, academically, and socially.” The “picturesque” campus offers the traditional N..." More>>
Berea, KY
Students Say: "Kentucky’s Berea College is one of the nation’s few entirely tuition-free private colleges, providing a liberal arts education “to those who otherwise couldn’t afford college but who are deserving of ..." More>>
Chestnut Hill, MA
Students Say: "Boston College, a small Jesuit school on the outskirts of Boston, “is all about edu- cating the person as a whole.” Its strong core curriculum ensures all students receive a “well-rounded” liberal art..." More>>
Brunswick, ME
Students Say: "From the “academic rigor” to the “laid-back attitude of the people” and “the beau- tiful Maine scenery,” Bowdoin is a small liberal arts college that packs a consider- able punch. Tucked away in the q..." More>>
Waltham, MA
Students Say: "Located in the Boston area, Brandeis is a private liberal arts research university that has “a little bit of everything.” The school “gives students the freedom to explore both in and outside of the c..." More>>
Providence, RI
Students Say: "Known for its somewhat unconventional (but still highly regarded) approaches to life and learning, Brown University remains the slightly odd man out of the Ivy League, and the school wouldn’t have it ..." More>>
Bryn Mawr, PA
Students Say: "Bryn Mawr is all about “empowering women to achieve their dreams.” The school has a “reputation for strong academics,” and students confirm that work there’s “no joke.” Bryn Mawr is a small college, w..." More>>
Lewisburg, PA
School Says: "Begun in 1846 as a "literary institution" in what its founders described as the "wilds of Pennsylvania," Bucknell University has long embraced academic vigor. Today, Bucknell is a top-ranked universit..." More>>
Pasadena, CA
Students Say: "Beyond arguably one of the most rigorous undergraduate educations in science out there, Caltech is a small, tight-knit community that is “geared towards training tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers in the..." More>>
Northfield, MN
Students Say: "Students seeking a “top-notch” and “cooperative…learning environment that challenges students without leaving them overwhelmed” will find a happy home at Carleton College, an extremely rigorous libera..." More>>
Danville, KY
Students Say: "Centre College offers “a genuine, personal, practical education in all areas of life.” Its “small classes” are focused and challenging, “and students definitely spend a lot of time studying, reading, ..." More>>
Claremont, CA
Students Say: "Students at Claremont McKenna really love their school. With its “phenomenal academics,” “brilliant professors,” “amazing career services center,” and “per- fect weather,” it’s no wonder CMC students ..." More>>
Waterville, ME
Students Say: "An absolute gem of Maine’s private, liberal arts colleges, Colby College is a “fun and smart community” that places an emphasis on internationalism and study abroad. The school’s “homey environment” o..." More>>
Hamilton, NY
Students Say: "Colgate University is known for its “very rigorous academic curriculum” and “invaluable” professors who “are the glue that hold the university together.” Many students say they chose Colgate because t..." More>>
Bar Harbor, ME
Students Say: "College of the Atlantic is a small liberal arts college in Bar Harbor, on Mount Desert Island, Maine, that its students think of as a “progressive educational experiment that broadens perspective.” Th..." More>>
Worcester, MA
Students Say: "This small, Jesuit liberal arts school in Massachusetts operates under a selfless mission statement of “men and women for others.” The school’s strong academic tradition marries with “countless opport..." More>>
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