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Cleveland State University

Cleveland, OH
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Visiting and Contact Info

Visiting And Contact Information

2121 Euclid Avenue

EC 100

Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

United States

Phone: 216-523-7416

Fax: 216-687-5501


Admissions Office Contact Info
Admissions Office Contact:Elizabeth Lee
Title:Event Coordinator, Admissions Office
Admissions Office Address:2121 Euclid Avenue
RT 204
Cleveland, OH 44115
Admissions Office Phone:888-CSUOHIO
Admissions Office Email:admissions@csuohio.edu

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Experience College Life
Most Popular Places on Campus:Recreation Center
Main Classroom Atrium
Michael Schwartz Library
The Green Room
Farmer's Market
Most Popular Places Off Campus:Cafe Ah Roma Coffee Shop
Rascal House
East 4th Street Restaurants

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Campus Tours
Campus Visiting Center:Yes
     Hours:Mon-Thurs; Fri; Some Saturdays
8 am - 6 pm; 9 am - 5 pm; call
Phone Number:888-CSUOHIO
Campus Tours:Yes
     Appointment Required:Yes
     Tour Dates:Year-round
Average Length:1 hour
Contact Email Address to Sign-Up:admissions@csuohio.edu

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Visiting and Contact Info

  • Admissions Office Address:
  • 2121 Euclid Avenue
    RT 204
    Cleveland, OH 44115
    Phone: 888-CSUOHIO
    Email: admissions@csuohio.edu
  • Visiting Center:
  • Campus Tours:
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