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Butler University

Indianapolis, IN
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Visiting and Contact Info

Visiting And Contact Information

4600 Sunset Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46208

United States

Phone: 317-940-8100

Fax: 317-940-8150


Admissions Office Contact Info
Admissions Office Contact:TBD
Title:Campus Visit Coordinator
Admissions Office Address:Office of Admission
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Admissions Office Phone:317-940-8121
Admissions Office Fax:317-940-8150
Admissions Office Email:visit@butler.edu

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Experience College Life
Most Popular Places on Campus:Starbucks in the Union
Carillon on Lake Road
Holcomb Gardens
Hinkle Fieldhouse
Atherton Union
Most Popular Places Off Campus:Broad Ripple Village
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
NCAA Hall of Champions
Circle Center Mall

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Campus Tours
Campus Visiting Center:Yes
     Hours:Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
Phone Number:317-940-8121
Campus Tours:Yes
     Appointment Required:Yes
     Tour Dates:Year-round
Average Length:1 hour
Contact Email Address to Sign-Up:visit@butler.edu

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On Campus Interviews
On Campus Interviews:No
Information Sessions:Available
Email Address to Sign-Up:visit@butler.edu

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Faculty and Coach Visits
Dates/Times Available:Year-round
Arrangements:Contact Coach Directly
Advance Notice:2 weeks
Contact Email Address for Faculty Visit:visit@butler.edu
Contact Email Address for Coach Visit:www.butlersports.com/information

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Class Visits
Dates Available:Academic Year
Arrangements:Contact Admissions Office

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Overnight Dorm Stays
Overnight Dorm Stays:Not Available
Advance Notice:Other
     Describe:Not available

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus:
City buses come to campus Indianapolis Airport Train Station Bus Station Taxis Shuttle service
Driving Instructions to Campus:
Local Accommodations: Near By:
Local Accommodations: Far Away:

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Visiting and Contact Info

  • Admissions Office Address:
  • Office of Admission
    4600 Sunset Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
    Phone: 317-940-8121
    Fax: 317-940-8150
    Email: visit@butler.edu
  • Visiting Center:
  • Campus Tours:
  • On Campus Interviews:
  • Overnight Dorm Stays:
    Not Available
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