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Eastern University

St. Davids, PA
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Visiting and Contact Info

Visiting And Contact Information

1300 Eagle Road

St. Davids, PA 19087-3696

United States

Phone: 610-341-5967

Fax: 610-341-1723


Admissions Office Contact Info
Admissions Office Contact:Eastern Undergraduate Admissions
Title:Visitation Center
Admissions Office Address:1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087
Admissions Office Phone:800-452-0996
Admissions Office Fax:610-341-1723
Admissions Office Email:ugadm@eastern.edu

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Experience College Life
Most Popular Places on Campus:Eastern's campus is unique. Nestled into the suburbs of Philadelphia, Eastern embraces both the access of the city (15 min. away) while it's 110+ acre campus has 3 lakes, wooded landscapre, and tons of wildlife.
Most Popular Places Off Campus:Philadelphia (15 minutes away)
King of Prussia Mall (15 minutes away)
8 other colleges in 10 minute radius of Eastern
Affluent town of Wayne, PA

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Campus Tours
Campus Visiting Center:Yes
     Hours:Monday - Friday
Phone Number:800-452-0996
Campus Tours:Yes
     Appointment Required:Yes
     Tour Dates:Year-round
Average Length:2 hours

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On Campus Interviews
On Campus Interviews:Yes
Start Date for High School Juniors:All students are welcome
Appointment Required:Preferred
Average Length of Interview:1.5 hours
Information Sessions:Available

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Faculty and Coach Visits
Dates/Times Available:Year-round
Arrangements:Contact Admissions Office
Advance Notice:2 weeks

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Class Visits
Dates Available:Academic Year
Arrangements:Contact Admissions Office

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Overnight Dorm Stays
Overnight Dorm Stays:Available
Advance Notice:1 week
Arrangements:Contact Admissions Office
Any Limitations:Overnights are encouraged for 1 Night....2 meals per visit

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus:
The following items are measured by driving distance to: Train (1 min. away), bus (1 min. away), Philly International Airport (25 min. away)
Driving Instructions to Campus:
Local Accommodations: Near By:

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Visiting and Contact Info

  • Admissions Office Address:
  • 1300 Eagle Road
    St. Davids, PA 19087
    Phone: 800-452-0996
    Fax: 610-341-1723
    Email: ugadm@eastern.edu
  • Visiting Center:
  • Campus Tours:
  • On Campus Interviews:
  • Overnight Dorm Stays:
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