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Marlboro College

Student Body

Marlboro Says...

One particularly unique feature of Marlboro College is the college-wide Town Meeting held every three weeks during each semester. On these Wednesday afternoons, the whole College community, including students, faculty, and staff, gathers after lunch to discuss and debate any variety of college issues. Town Meeting's all-inclusive nature distinguish... More More

Marlboro Students Say...

Marlboro is “a place where ‘the weird kids’ from high schools all across the nation congregate and make beautiful music together (often literally).” “There is no typical student. That’s the point,” says one. Students here are “functionally eccentrics,” “quirky,” and “ready to pursue their own passions.” There is a “high level of LGBTQ tolerance,” a... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

PO Box A

2582 South Road

Marlboro, VT 05344-0300

United States

Phone: 802-258-9236

Fax: 802-451-7555


Student Body Profile
Total Enrollment:240
Female: 48.33%
Out of State: 92%
Native American: 0.83%
Asian: 3.33%
African-American: 0.83%
Hispanic: 0.42%
Caucasian: 62.92%
International: 1.25%
Full-Time: 98.33%
Part-Time: 1.67%
Number of Foreign Countries Represented:8
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Student Testimonials
Amialya Elder
Graduation Year:2006
Major:MUSIC (Historical Musicology and Voice)

The rigor and intimacy creates an ideal atmosphere for genuine scholarship. Instead of taking exams, students are expected to demonstrate our knowledge through a written argument, supported by extensive research. My academic work in the field of historical musicology has culminated in a thesis documenting the development of Italian opera in London in the early eighteenth century. I would recommend Marlboro to any student who values independent research, writing and discussion-based learning.

Samuel Scogin
Graduation Year:2008
Major:American History (American business inte

The biggest draw for me was the level of trust that the academic system runs on. I was trusted to know which academic path was the one for me. Although I may make mistakes, I am trusted to learn from them and adjust my focus accordingly. I think that the ability to do that allows students here to be very satisfied with the final product of their education and time here. Unlike most other colleges I was considering, there was a logical justification for the single requirement that Marlboro has.

Emily Wendlake
Graduation Year:2006
Major:World Studies Program, Feminist Theory

I've been part of the World Studies Program through which I've taken classes ranging from Topics in Human Understanding to Designing Fieldwork. The highlight of my Marlboro career has been my six month WSP internship at an organization working with women's rights in Dakar, Senegal. Since returning to Marlboro, I've been combining my frustrating, confusing, but ultimately extremely rewarding internship experience with political, economic, and feminist theory in my plan of concentration.

Besty Thompson
Graduation Year:2007
Major:Literature and Creative Nonfiction

I am currently a junior and working on a Plan of Concentration in Literature and Creative Nonfiction. For me there have been many transitions and transformations during my time here. The most important ingredient to my success has been the connection that I have with my professors. The bond that we share enables us to go deeper into the material that we are working with because of the trust that we have.

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Key Statistics

Student Body

  • Total Enrollment:
  •      % Female:
  •      % Male:
  •      % Out of State:
  • American Indian or
    Alaskan Native:
  • Asian:
  • African-American:
  • Hispanic:
  • Caucasian:
  • Race/ Ethnicity Unknown:
  • International:
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