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Word of mouth plays a big part in many students’ decision to attend the Graduate College at Western Michigan University with “great recommendations from family and friends.” One student was even referred to the school by a CEO. Most students seem quite happy with their choice. They also like that the school “is nationally accredited,” and ranked as a “top 100 school.”

The graduate program at Western “is primarily a ‘night school.’ Most students work full-time jobs and take two classes a semester.” “Classes are all from six to nine at night spread across three campuses. The MBA program is targeted at working people who want to pursue an MBA.” Students find the program adaptable. One student agrees, saying, “I also like the ability to earn a specialization within my MBA program—I have some flexibility to change my curriculum if my interests change.” The school also offers several online, weekend, and condensed-hybrid format courses.

While some classes are clearly more challenging than others, the workload is manageable for most students. “Academics are easy when you show up to class, pay attention, and do the work.” The program also provides students with an “excellent emphasis on international business.” This “global outlook” is “important in today’s workforce.”

Although not all the professors receive the same high praise, several do get excellent reviews. Considered “stellar” to “amazing people,” these “teachers bring a great attitude and very effective teaching style[s]” to class. One student says, “Every semester I have entered into a new classroom and thought, ‘Wow, this is my most favorite professor ever.’ Now I’m struggling with which one is my favorite because there are so many and each one has helped me with situations that I will eventually face in my future.” While one student claims to be “challenged to constantly find a way to incorporate what I am learning into my career,” another student suggests, “WMU employs too many career educators, and I would like more real world applications of the materials we are learning.” Class sizes are mostly adequate for sufficient student/teacher communication, usually “limited to thirty students so you get to interact quite a bit with the professors.”


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Concepts and knowledge regarding sustainability are integrated throughout entire MBA curriculum.

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School's environmental commitment 1:
Center for Sustainable Business Practices: This center seeks to create and disseminate information, concepts, knowledge and wisdom about global sustainable business practices to the entire college community, recognizing that students will enter a workforce that requires awareness of these business practices. Contact the center director, Dr. Tim Palmer, for more information at: Dr. Tim Palmer, Director of WMU Center for Sustainable Business Practices. Haworth College of Business. (269) 387-5242. timothy.palmer@wmich.edu

School's environmental commitment 2:
India Gateway - Study Abroad Program. December, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Subject: Sustainability and Business. Examine corporate social responsibility in developing world.

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The Career Services Center at WMU offers preparation services for graduate students at the Graduate College by way of resume, interviewing, and cover letter writing assis- tance. Students report satisfaction in their fellow peers’ abilities of building “networking opportunities with fellow students.” Simply going to class offers students “a great chance to meet people in my area.” A student says, “It is amazing to me how much of an opportunity there is to network with international students from all around the globe here at Western Michigan University.” Professors also do a good job in the classroom by teaching students “to grasp the knowledge of the subject and to incorporate that with their career fields.” From one student’s observations, professors “are willing to work with each student individually to help them make the right choices regarding career changes…. They also help with job placement and career fields.”


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Student life outside the classroom is “what you make it.” “The school has many differ- ent social functions and sporting events to give student’s the full college experience.” Unfortunately, “family life for a lot of us limits the student involvement in clubs and activities.” For the most part, though, students seem to get more out of [their] degree then just what they learn in class.” At WMU, students come from many different cul- tures and backgrounds. “Western Michigan University is an international melting pot in the heart of west Michigan.” One student attests, “Classmates are from as far away as China, India, and the Ukraine…. This opportunity to meet and collaborate with such a diverse student body is setting the stage for my ability to expand my professional net- work in the global economy.”

Students in the graduate program as a whole are described as, “very team and school focused. “MBA students are largely uninvolved with campus as they are working full- time, commuting, and already established within their communities/workplaces.” For example, one student recently “started an MBA social club to help build a greater sense of community.” Overall, “people have a lot of school spirit and are very social. It is a fun school to go to.”

Students make many positive remarks regarding WMU’s Business School campus. “The campus is laid out well.” The “landscaping is meticulous. The buildings are modern.” However, another student says that as a commuter, “the parking is expensive and not that great.” “WMU is in between a Big 10 school and a little private school; it has a great campus that is only becoming greater with reconstruction of more ‘Green’ space. The university is listening to the student population with regards to better housing, better food quality, and becoming green.”

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