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Do you have a strong faith? Are you committed to spreading the tenets of your religion and to converting others? Then consider a life in Missions. Missionaries believe that one of their most important tasks in life is to spread the word of God and bring people into their church, whichever church it may be. Missions as a major is offered mostly at religious universities, and it deals with the fundamentals of evangelism and the ways missionaries work. You’ll learn about the biblical basis for mission work and why missionaries do what they do. You’ll study your faith and learn how to evangelize effectively. You’ll learn about the history of world missions, and the role missions play in contemporary society. You’ll learn the skills of church planning, preaching in urban settings, and discipleship.

The main goal of most people who major in Missions is to pursue overseas missionary work. To this end, you’ll study world religions and see how Christianity affects and is affected by them. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with people of other cultures in order to spread your faith. You’ll learn how to deal with economic, political, and spiritual crises that might arise during mission work. Throughout your studies you’ll gain an understanding of and a devotion to the importance of worldwide evangelism.


  • Bible Exegesis

  • Christian Thought

  • Christianity and the World’s Religions

  • Contemporary World Missions

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Discipleship

  • Expository Preaching

  • Global Issues in Missions

  • God and Church

  • God and History

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Sociology of Religion

  • The Christian Life

  • The Missionary Process


Besides getting a solid background in math, science, and the humanities, you can prepare for a Missions major by getting involved in faith-based groups in your church, school, or community. The experiences you’ll gain will give you an idea of what Missions entails. If you attend a religious school, religion courses will be good as well.